PUBG on Xbox One X to get performance mode option in the future with higher framerate

by on September 17, 2018

PUBG Corporation commented on the Xbox One X performance issues that have been plaguing the game since 1.0.

The detailed post on the official forums highlights some of the temporary changes they will make to the game on Xbox One X to get performance up to speed. The post also mentions the following which is interesting and something fans have asked for since launch:

We are also working on a long term solution for Xbox One X that we intend on implementing in the future that will cater to two different audiences: those who prefer better graphics and those who prefer better performance and don’t mind sacrificing some graphical quality. We currently do not have many details to share, but will provide updates on this as soon as we’re able to.

PUBG is available on Xbox One and Windows platforms. It is also on mobile as PUBG Mobile which is super successful and much more polished.

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