5 things we want fixed in the hardware revision of the Nintendo Switch

Basic things

by on October 5, 2018

WSJ reported that Nintendo will likely introduce a new Switch model at some point next year and that got me thinking about what I’d like them to fix with a new model. While most people are already speculating about a New 3DS like internals upgrade, I want some basic functionality addressed before any power bump.

Details are sparse right now for what this new model will bring to the table, but Nintendo could improve its current flagship handheld a ton by addressing some issues. Here are 5 things I want Nintendo to address with the next Switch hardware revision:

Battery life

This is probably the biggest issue with the current Switch model. Some games aren’t playable for even 3 hours when you turn the brightness up. This is pretty unacceptable given many of Nintendo’s own titles drain it pretty quickly. The 3DS and Vita have much better battery life.

Bluetooth Headset Support

I can’t believe this isn’t already built into the current Switch model. Even the PS4 lacks native support without a USB adapter but the Switch is a portable. Even the PS Vita supports bluetooth headsets. I know voice chat is still tied to the app for most games but I’d like to not use wires anymore for audio.

Fix the Kickstand

While tabletop Switch gaming is great, the Hori Playstand is basically a saviour because the built in Kickstand is pretty shit. It is pretty flimsy. I know people who have managed to break the Kickstand within weeks of owning a Switch. Nintendo needs to implement one that is as sturdy as Microsoft’s Surface Kickstand.

WiFi Chip

The Switch WiFi makes the launch PS4 model seem like a modern device when it comes to wireless downloads and connectivity. The Switch WiFi chip is pretty bad when it comes to range and in a lot of cases, it doesn’t detect signal for a router even in the next room. I verified this on 3 different Switch units.

Internal Memory

This is probably a given for any revision and I hope they address it. Sure, you can use a micro SD card which the Vita didn’t let you do but the fact is many third party games require a micro SD card to be playable like NBA 2K19. You shouldn’t have to buy something else to play a game on your console. 64GB should be the bare minimum in a new Switch revision.

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