New Red Dead Online Beta content adds Target Races

by on March 26, 2019

Rockstar has today revealed the latest content to be added to the Red Dead Online Beta, and it comes in the form of Target Races. This new addition sees you tasked with shooting targets whilst on horseback to pass through checkpoints as quickly as possible, the fastest one wins. Throughout the course you can pick up stamina items to increase your horse’s oomph, or additional weapons to improve your firepower from the starting bow and arrow. As it’s multiplayer, you can kick opponents, or shoot them freestyle. You can even ride in another horse’s slipstream for a boost.

PS4 players will also get Early Access to Open Target Races which are more free-roaming experiences where you can tackle a range of targets in any order, to try and achieve the quickest time.

If you needed any more of an excuse to head online, there’s also an XP boost event live right now offering a 20% boost on all XP activities. There’s also a 25% discount in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co shop where you can stock up on new medicines, and the discount also applies to the Horse Care section in the Stables.

Red Dead Online is available now on PS4 and Xbox One