Red Dead Online bonuses revealed for the month of May

by on May 3, 2022

It’s another week, meaning another range of Red Dead Online bonuses. We’ve got all the details below, so before you head into the wild west, check out how you could be benefitting for the next month.

Red Dead Online bonuses: Plenty of multipliers and a free outfit

There’ll be 4x Red Dead Online Dollars in Standard Races, and triple gold on Open Races. On top of that, Target Races will reward steady-shooting with a huge 5x XP. For a selection of Blood Money Contracts, Rockstar is dishing out 2x RDO$ and XP for the whole of May. These contracts include The Railroad Contract; The Jeb Phelps Contract; and The Bluewater Contract. Finally, Free Roam Missions will pay out 2x RD0$ and XP all month.

There’s a free community outfit available from the local Tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue to everyone until June 6. The outfit includes the following:

  • Gambler’s Hat
  • Black Clymene Coat or Hartman Jacket
  • White Casual Shirtwaist or Everyday Shirt
  • Bandito Pants
  • Worn Roper Boots
  • Woven Pistol Gun Belt and Woven Pistol Holster

The Featured Series Rundown

Rockstar has also outlined the Featured Series Calendar, which offer tons of special weekly bonus incentives.

May 3 – May 9: Race Series

  • Dispense some frontier justice by completing any Bounty Hunter Mission to receive an Offer for 40% off a Bounty Hunter Novice or Promising Role Item
  • Completing “A One Horse Deal” will yield an Offer for 50% off the Fast Travel Post for your Camp

May 10 – May 16: Open Target Races and Overrun

  • Collectors who reach Rank 10 and above will receive an Offer for 40% off a Collector Novice or Promising Role Item
  • Win 2 rounds of this week’s Featured Series to receive a bonus to the tune of RDO$100

Red Dead Online Featured Series May 2022

May 17 – May 23: Races and Shootouts

  • Complete 10 Daily Challenges this week to receive the Yeehaw Emote
  • Complete 2 Trader Sell Missions to receive a Citadel Rock Treasure Map

May 24 – May 30: Select Races

  • Play with your Persistent Posse to receive the Respectful Bow Emote
  • Pave the way for your bootlegging route by destroying 3 Revenue Agent Roadblocks to receive a select colorway of the Levens Gun Belt

May 31 – June 6: Target Races and Capture Mode

  • Riders who place Top 3 in any race this week will receive a select colorway of the Vaquero Baroque Spurs
  • Purchase any Pamphlet this week to receive a bonus of RDO$150

Red Dead Online: All the other offers

Along with everything else mentioned above, Red Dead Online players will receive 10 classic oatcakes, 10 horse meals, and 10 apples for their steed of choice. Also, participating in a Nominated Series every week will offer 10 Capitale, and purchasing any weapon modification provides a bonus of 5 special horse stimulant.

By placing in the top 3 in 6 races in a single week get you The Danube or The Tasman outfit, depending on your character. The Dillehay Hat and Carver Pants make their return to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue this week as well. There’re also a wide range of discounts on offer, including the waiving of all Daily Stable Fees for the month. Stable Slots and Stirrups are also half price. and there’s 30% off Race and War Horse breeds. Not only that, but the following discounts will also be available:

  • 30% off Pistols
  • 30% off Emotes
  • 50% off Horse Food
  • 50% off Stable Slots
  • 50% off Stirrups
  • 30% off Race Horses
  • 30% off War Horses
  • 50% off Reinforced Lasso
  • 40% off Pants
  • 40% off Skirts

Finally, for players who have their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts linked, the Flex Emote, a select colorway of the Espinal Double Bandolier, and a select colorway of the Windcliff Coat will all be available for free.