The Devil May Cry V soundtrack is heading to vinyl

by on April 3, 2019

Laced Records, in partnership with Capcom, are bringing the Devil May Cry V soundtrack to CD and vinyl in a deluxe 4LP, 2LP and 5CD boxsets which can be exclusively pre-ordered over at the Laced Records website.

All albums will feature compostions by a line up of some musically talented individuals such as Casey Edwards, Cody Matthew Johnson, Jeff Rona, John R. Graham, Steven McNair, Kota Suzuki, Hiromitsu Maeba & Yoshiya Terayama.

You can find a full setlist of what you can expect from each pack over on the Laced Records website. There are Devil Trigger songs galore amongst those setlist by the way.

All LP and CD packs are set to ship in July 2019 and will set you back €70/$80 for the 4LP pack, €33/$35 for the 2LP pack and €28/$30 for the 5CD pack.