Killing Floor 2’s “Back & Kickin’ Brass” Event Kicks Off Today

by on June 18, 2019

Killing Floor 2, the popular zombie-murdering simulator from Tripwire Interactive, kicks off its Summer event today, with the Back & Kickin’ Brass update.

Adding a new Objective mode, which adds a narrative experience featuring cinematics, environmental tasks and new animations, Back & Kickin’ Brass sounds very much like it’s aiming to capture a bit of that loyal Left 4 Dead audience, particularly after the recent success of World War Z.

Back & Kickin’ Brass also adds a new Steam Fortress map, plus a new pair of weapons: the Seal Squeal and the Medic Bat.

With the narrative in mind, players will also see a continuation of the Steampunk Adventures of Lockheart as part of the event, plus a return of the Summer Sideshow Zeds. On top of all this, prestige rank 5 has been added, along with limited-time skins and other cosmetics.


This is all available now as part of a free Killing Floor 2 update on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Tripwire Interactive is also offering a free weekend of Killing Floor 2 on Steam, alongside a discount for those wanting to keep playing afterwards.