EA outline the changes to FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs mode

by on July 25, 2019

In a Pitch Notes blog for FIFA 20, EA Sports has laid out the changes they’re making to the Pro Clubs mode for the new game.

The changes will see improvements to customisation options for your Virtual Pro, new modes and several fixes. So, if you were a fan of this mode in FIFA 19 you should find yourself well catered for in FIFA 20.

In regards to customisation EA Sports are citing a ‘4 quadrant axis morphing tool’ that will allow you to define each facial feature to your liking, and also add extra morphing options and more skin tones. There’ll also be more options in the way of names being spoken in commentary, more choices of goalkeeper gloves and being able to set your favourite celebrations or set piece routines.

They’ve added more positions for you to choose to play in, and changed how player progression affects your player, with certain aspects having a risk reward element; should you focus a lot on certain attributes others will suffer as a result.

Broadcasting will see improvements along the lines of augmented reality overlays in regards to intros, half time and goals, there’ll also be unique colours dependant on the mode you’re playing.

Finally, there are two new match types coming to Pro Clubs: House Rules Cups and Practice Matches. House Rules Cups is basically a Pro Clubs extension of House Rules matches from FIFA 19, giving you a different match type every day of the week, the schedule will be available in game so you’ll always know when to attend to ensure you play your favourite match type. On the flip side I do believe Practice Match speaks for itself.

There’s a whole raft of bug fixes and quality of life improvements too, you can find all the details about FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs mode through the link posted above.

FIFA 20 will release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 27. EA Access members can play from September 19, while anyone who pre-ordered will be able to play from September 24.

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