Podcast 357: American Soccer

by on August 7, 2019

It’s your regular weekly Wednesday gaming podcast! Adam Carroll is still playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. But Adam Cook and Gary have been having a go on The Surge 2 on PC. Meanwhile Chris is picking up the slack and hitting up some indie games in the form of The Blackout Club (very cool looking multiplayer co-op) and The Church in the Darkness (another cool looking, top-down indie banger!), but he’s also heavily into the new Madden, too – it has new gameplay and story, and everything!

As usual, listener questions devolve into a chat about food and penises, but what do you expect? Hit us up every week with new daft questions (and serious ones, too) and we’ll answer them! Seriously, maybe you want to know the weirdest thing Adam Carroll has ever eaten? You can’t un-ask these things!

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