Byleth Smash Ultimate

Byleth now available on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster

by Chris Hydeon January 30, 2020
Players can now purchase Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You can either purchase the individual Byleth Challenger Pack, or the character is included in the Fighter’s Pass Vol. 1. If you do buy in, you’ll receive both male and female versions of Byleth. You’ll need to use a variety […]

Byleth is the 80th character in Smash Bros Ultimate

by Lyle Carron January 17, 2020
80 characters in only Three Houses?

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GOTY 2019 Lists: Adam Cook

by Adam Cookon December 31, 2019
Escape with me.

GOTY 2019 Lists: Community Picks

by Adam Cookon December 31, 2019
It was a year, for sure.

GOTY 2019 Lists: Mikhail Madnani

by Mikhail Madnanion December 29, 2019
A year of surprises

Game of the Year 2019: Podcast Day Five (The Finale!)

by Adam Cookon December 27, 2019
Most anticipated for 2020, Game of the Year 2019.

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Podcast 359: The Game

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Astral Chain, RAD, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
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Podcast 357: American Soccer

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses, The Surge 2, Madden 20, The Church in the Darkness, The Blackout Club.
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Podcast 356: Questionable Romance

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