The Darksiders Genesis release dates have been announced

by on October 22, 2019

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate have announced release dates for the upcoming Darksider Genesis. PC and Stadia players will be able to grab a copy from December 5, 2019 but console players will need to wait until February 14, 2020.

As well as PC players getting Genesis a little earlier, there’s also a 15% discount on pre-orders to take advantage of.

Darksiders Genesis sees Strife starring in his very own game. War will also be appearing alongside Strife in the series first ever co-op mode. If you don’t fancy a co-op game you can still play solo and switch between Strife and War. Strife is a ranged fighter while War is more of an up close and personal melee fighter. One of them should suit your play style.

Not only has a release date been announced but so has a new CGI trailer. If you fancy seeing Strife in action against Margos the Defiler then we’ve got you covered.