Darksiders Genesis Introduces Strife In New Trailer

by on November 27, 2019

Almost a decade after the Darksiders story began, the fourth Horseman is finally here. Well, almost. On PC, anyway.

War, Death and Fury have all had their outings in the main series, now it’s time for developer Airship Syndicate, including some of the original minds behind Darksiders, to finally give Strife his own game. Okay, so it’s a spinoff and he’s also joined by the returning War, but it still counts!


This new trailer introduces the smart-mouthed fourth Horseman and his two guns, Mercy and Redemption. He’s quite the departure from his more serious fellow Horsemen, which probably means plenty of “buddy-movie” banter between Strife and the ever-scowling War. We also learn the name of his horse: Mayhem. Always by his side.


Darksiders Genesis arrives on PC and Google Stadia next week (December 5th), with the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions following later on February 14th 2020.