Football Manager 2020 Touch is out now for Nintendo Switch

by on December 10, 2019

Sega has today announced that Football Manager 2020 Touch is available today on Nintendo Switch. The digital version is available now to purchase and download on the Nintendo eShop.

The Touch version of Football Manager games has always been about quicker play, with you able to blast through games quicker with less focus on the detail. The same is true this time around, although there’s still plenty to absorb yourself in if you want to.

Do you want to know what’s different this time around for Football Manager 2020 Touch on Switch? Well, you can check out the official blurb below to find out:

Club Vision

Develop a culture, work with the board to achieve ongoing objectives and plot a course for your club to progress in seasons to come.

Development Centre

Take full control of your youth team operations in a new all-encompassing hub. Nurture your young stars from the moment they arrive until they’re ready for first-team action.

Revamped Contract Negotiations

A new interface makes negotiating contracts quicker and easier than ever and new playing time terminology gives you a clearer idea of how often players expect to be playing and whether you are meeting their expectations.

Improved Graphics

Redesigned player and manager models, improved lighting and overhauled pitch visuals combine to create the best-looking match experience yet.

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Football Manager 2020 is out now on PC. The Touch version of the game is also out now on Switch.