The Diamond Casino Heist is now live in GTA Online

by on December 12, 2019

You can now undertake the most complex heist ever in GTA Online, as The Diamond Casino Heist is now live for players to try. To pull off the most audacious heist in Los Santos, you’ll need meticulous planning. You’ll recruit some familiar faces to help you, and make decisions on how to approach this complicated task. The decisions you make will affect the outcome quite dramatically.

The Diamond Casino Heist

To serve as a front to your operations, you’ll take control of a fully-functioning retro arcade business. And this has the additional perk of fully playable games inside it. In total there are 12 games in all for you to enjoy. See the details of them below:

  • Badlands Revenge II: The peaceful frontier has been invaded by marauders, road agents, thieves, and revenue men. Use your weapons wisely to rid the prairie of the desperados and outlaws that threaten your very way of life.
  • The Wizard’s Ruin: An evil wizard has kidnapped Grog and stolen him away to a terrifying fortress. Now Thog must fight through enchanted forests, ghastly swamps, labyrinths of decay and battle terrifying enemies to rescue his brother with only his mighty sword and magical engorging potions found along the way.
  • Race and Chase – Street Legal: It’s a race across the heartland and through America’s densest metropolises in a flashy sports car. Crank up the tunes and blast past obstacles as you do your best to avoid pedestrians and hairy beasts on the highway.
  • Race and Chase – Crotch Rockets: Soup up your superbike and rage havoc on the highway in this race against time through city and suburb while you steer clear of obstructions and avoid eating asphalt.
  • Race and Chase – Get Truckin’: Rev up your truck and race at breakneck speeds across America as you and your canine companion avoid obstacles like slow drivers and the occasional wandering sasquatch to beat the clock and take home glory.
  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone BadThe villainous Dr. Dank has hijacked all cargo spaceships from Ecuadorian 5 Quadrant and used his transmogrification ray to turn the bananas evil. What do you do when the only thing you ever loved turns against you? Now Space Monkey must fight the evil bananas and defeat Dr. Dank. The future of evolution hangs in the balance.
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw: Princess Robot Bubblegum’s new bestie Shiny Wasabi Kitty brings her anime whimsy to the classic arcade claw machine where luck could grab you a fantastic prize.
  • Nazar Speaks Fortune Teller: The timeless clairvoyant Madame Nazar masters the spiritual medium to read your future and fortune. Do great riches await? Is love just around the corner? Will the hands of fate send you to an early grave in a freak, easily avoidable accident? Find out now.
  • The Love Professor: BFF or basically platonic, the Love Professor will diagnose you and a partner to determine if the diagnosis is divorce, getting flirty, friends with benefits or the kind of love you only hear about in hairband power ballads.
  • Defender of the Faith (Degenatron classic): The classic arcade game that spawned many imitators of its novel and complex gameplay. Secure your immortality and place in the afterlife by saving the green dot with your fantastic flying red square.
  • Monkey’s Paradise (Degenatron classic): This simian simulator took arcades by storm in the 80s. Swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey and show the world who is at the top of the food chain.
  • Penetrator (Degenatron classic): In the deep dark reaches of space, an evil menace threatens earth. Smash the green dots inside the mysterious red square and save humanity.

The basement of the arcade is your centre of operations for planning your heist. You’ll also come across familiar faces such as  Georgina Cheng, the VP of Cheng Holdings, Lester Crest and his associates and more. With their help, you might just be able to pull off the biggest heist of your career.

Still need some help? Check out the official blurb below that has some tips on how you can plan for success:

The Hideout houses three planning boards and provides a place to store sourced getaway vehicles and heist prep equipment, as well as areas to stage rehearsals to practice cracking vaults and hacking doors with your crew. Gathering intel and preparing comprehensive reconnaissance with your crew will be crucial.

As you take on preparatory missions you’ll have the option to go the extra mile by documenting various entry points or destroying supply shipments. After that, you’ll also gather intel on security systems from an old associate and former Casino employee, all of which will reward you with more routes, approaches and options like getaway decoys when it comes to the big show.

You also need to make sure you have the right people at your disposal. Through Lester’s nefarious network of contacts you can hire support team members: bringing on the right driver, gunman and hacker are key – for the right price you’ll be able to hire some serious experts depending on how well connected you already are.

Deciding on the approach to take will also make the difference between success and failure. Therefore, in The Diamond Casino heist, you have three main options to choose from. For instance, a Silent & Sneaky approach means you’ll try to enter undetected and try to make off with the haul before they even know what hit them. Engage in deception by going The Big Con route and masquerading as maintenance staff, pest control or other contractors. Or opt to go in guns blazing with the Aggressive approach – just be prepared to be met with increased resistance. These decisions will affect the outcome of the heist, so choose wisely.

But boots on the ground won’t be enough for this heist, you’re gonna need some new wheels too. Thankfully the new update has a raft of new vehicles to choose from. See the list below:

  • Karin Everon
  • Lampadati Komoda
  • Maxwell Asbo
  • Maxwell Vagrant
  • Vapid Retinue MKII
  • Rebla GTS.

In addition, Warstock Cache & Carry’s commercial inventory gets a fleet of six vehicles, including a personal Fire TruckBugstars van or Gruppe Sechs Stockade.

All in all, that’s definitely a lot to get to grips with. To see you can expect in the new update, check out the new trailer for the heist below:

GTA Online is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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