Indie World Showcase Unveils Over 20 New Nintendo Switch Games for 2020

by on March 18, 2020

A new Indie World Showcase went live last night, spending nearly twenty minutes revealing new and existing games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020. You can watch the entire stream here:


Exit the Gungeon, the follow-up to Dodge Roll & Singlecore Games’ fantastic Enter the Gungeon, was also released immediately. A timed console exclusive, Exit the Gungeon is a “bullet hell dungeon climber”

Hello Games, makers of No Man’s Sky, also unveiled The Last Campfire.


Discover a beautiful wilderness filled with lost folk, strange creatures and mysterious ruins as you journey to light the last campfire. Experience a truly moving tale of magic and mystery when The Last Campfire launches for Nintendo Switch this summer.

Another notable reveal was Baldo, from Naps Team. An Anime-inspired action-RPG full of puzzles, intricate dungeons and an open world to explore, Baldo is another timed exclusive when it releases on Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Other games shown include the delightful side-scrolling shooter B.ARK (late 2020), farming adventure Summer in Mara (Spring 2020), a new PixelJunk sequel in PixelJunk Eden 2 (Summer 2020) and grim boss-rush adventure Eldest Souls (Summer 2020) from Fallen Flag Studio.


It was also announced that Sky: Children of the Light from thatgamecompany will make its way to Switch this Summer and even Bloober Team’s excellent Blair Witch will make its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console in Summer 2020.

We need some good news right now, so it’s good to know we’ve got some great titles on the way throughout 2020. Which ones caught your eye? Let us know!