Podcast #385: Buster Nut – Final Fantasy VII Remake, Overpass

by on March 4, 2020

Chris has now played the incredibly long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake at a preview event so has lots to say on the podcast. And he didn’t just play for a few minutes…. no, he’s played hours of the game and has things to say about it, while the two Adams listen on and beg for scraps of info. The hype for this one might be real, folks.

Adam Cook has been trying to reinvigorate his love of racing games with Overpass, which is an uphill racer that is like a combination of Getting Over It and Trials. Is it any good? Listen to find out.

We got loads of questions this week so may not have quite got through them all, but we don’t forget, and they’ll get asked another time. What’s our favourite podcast moment? It’s that one on the podcast, isn’t it! Where does Final Fantasy VII Remake rank if we did an all time best remakes podcast? Ask us via Twitter, or email podcast@GodisaGeek.com to find out.

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