Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have “a lot more” of Tifa’s backstory

by on February 5, 2024

Over on the official Square Enix site, an interview with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth actor Britt Baron, who plays Tifa has been published.

Baron plays Tifa Lockheart and when asked about her message to upcoming fans of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, said: “My message to fans is… oh god, how much can I spoil? Ok, my message to fans is to be excited, be open-minded because I think we have some really fun surprises, and I think we also have some awesome fan service that will make everyone happy. I’m hoping, knock on wood (taps her own head)”. Baron added, “Let’s not jinx anything, but I’m really proud. I think it’s a really exciting new chapter and we’ve really expanded this world”.


It’s a lengthy interview, in which she reveals her favourite scene from Remake as well, which was “when Tifa saves one of the Shinra employees”.  Baron says that: “It was such a high action paced, intense scene. We recorded it early on, and I think that it really illuminates who Tifa is as a human. It encapsulates who she is, so I really enjoyed that. And I think it was one of those pivotal scenes where I really got to solidify what voice I was using, who she was as a character and my portrayal”.

According to the interview, when asked what has changed for Tifa between Remake and Rebirth, she says: “We see a lot more of her backstory in Rebirth. We get to go back to some of Tifa’s trauma and see more of why she is the way she is, and what vengeance she is seeking; and also trying to figure out her own past – what’s true and what isn’t. And she’s working through that with Cloud”, which is fascinating for long time fans. Baron adds: “I think it’s more muddied, and I don’t want to say ‘darker’, but the stakes feel higher in this game. The first game was more of an introduction, and I think we really delve deep in Rebirth”.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 on February 29th. Check out the full interview here.