Ven VR Adventure Coming to PlayStation and PC VR This Summer

by on March 27, 2020

Monologic’s new VR platformer, Ven VR Adventure, is making its way to VR platforms this Summer.

Check it out in this gameplay trailer:


Your mission is to help Ven, a local form of life, save his brethren and face various threats that await you on your journey. The story is set on a faraway unknown planet, whose people have been attacked by intergalactic invaders. These invaders are looking for the source of youth and energy which can make them almost immortal. You play the game as an intergalactic police officer tracking Bruce Nelson, who invaded Ven’s planet.

Runes keep everything in balance on Ven’s planet, and the young have the most runes, which is why they’re kidnapped often. These kidnappings and the invaders’ mining machines digging into the planet, the balance has been disturbed. It’s up to Ven to save the children and send the invaders packing, with your help.


You can help Ven when Ven VR Adventure arrives in Summer 2020 on PlayStation VR, Oculus and Steam VR.