This week in GTA Online: Gerald’s Last Play

by on April 24, 2020

There’s plenty coming to GTA Online this week, including a big event called Gerald’s Last Play, featuring six new missions, bonuses on Contact Missions, and more.

In Gerald’s Last Play, you’ll need to help him out before he loses all his business to rival gangs. Play solo or in co-op as you battle rival gangs in a series of brand new Contact Missions. There’s also the usual 2 x GTA Dollars and RP, both up for grabs in Gerald’s Contact Missions and from other untrustworthy associates in your iFruit’s contact list. There’s also online bonuses on Open Wheel Races, discounts on Offices, and more.

You’ll be able to take part in a whopping six new missions as part of Gerald’s Last Play this week. ‘Make Ends Meat’ sees you infiltrating a slaughterhouse, ‘Go Figure’ has you recovering a stash of action figures filled with cocaine, and ‘Fast Peddling’ features a bunch of bikers trying to muscle in on Gerald’s business.

The other three missions are also set to be exciting. ‘Deal With It’ is about a deal gone wrong,’Bad Companies’ pushes Gerald to the limit in an attempt to put a rival gang boss to sleep, and ‘End Product’ involves a potential big deal with a local buyer.

GTA Online are celebrating the white-collar criminals this week, with Associates and Bodyguards earning tripled salaries, and VIP Work and Challenges are paying out double. At The Diamond Casino & Resort, you’ll be in with a chance to win a customised Karin Sultan Classic, along with the usual cash, RP, and clothing prizes.

Finally, there’re tons of discounts across the board this week, so make sure you take advantage of the wonderful offers available:

  • 25% Off Ocelot R88
  • 70% Off Armored Karin Kuruma
  • 50% Off Executive Offices: Maze Bank West, Arcadius Business Center,Lombank West, Maze Bank Tower
  • 60% Off Executive Office Customizations: Interiors, Organization Name Change, Money Safe,Gun Locker, Accommodation
  • 50% Off Office Garages and Office Garages Custom Auto Shop
  • 50% Off Large Special Cargo Warehouses: Wholesale Furniture, West Vinewood Backlot, Xero Gas Factory, Logistics Depot. Bilgeco Warehouse, Walker & Sons Warehouse, Cypress Warehouses,Darnel Bros Warehouse
  • 60% Off Office Garage Customizations: Interiors, Lighting, Signage

Twitch Prime members will receive 80% off the Buckingham Luxor and Buckingham Luxor Deluxe by linking their Twitch Prime and Rockstar Social Club accounts.

A portion of all proceed from Red Dead Online and GTA Online over April and May 2020 will go toward relief for those affected by COVID-19 – see here for details.