EA release ‘Deep Dive’ gameplay video highlighting new Madden NFL 21 features

by on June 23, 2020

Electronic Arts has released a video this morning that takes a deep dive into the new features coming to Madden NFL 21, including new Pass-Rush controls and authenticity improvements. New features include:

  • New Pass-Rush Control – New defensive line mechanics that make playing as a pass-rusher more responsive and more fun to play.

  • Ball Carrier Skill Stick – Two new moves that the skill stick unlocks including the side hurdle and the dead leg.

  • Realistic Open Field Tackling – Give defenders more control and a better chance of successfully tackling oncoming players.

  • Authenticity Improvements – New physics-based animation which will create more authentic moments when the quarterback is throwing under pressure and more.

  • Celebrate Everywhere – Total control over how your players react after game-changing plays.

You can watch the new video below: