The Falconeer has a new story trailer

by on June 24, 2020

Wired Productions has today released a new story trailer for the upcoming fantasy RPG The Falconeer. The trailer introduces us to the Seachantress (voiced by Tegan Hitchens) who will be your guide through the world of Ursee. The Seachantress will also help you out by revealing some of the world’s secrets.

The trailer also shows some third-person dogfighting gameplay, ranged weaponry, in-game faction settlements and the oceanic open-world landscape.

For those of you following the development by Tomas Sala you can expect additional content and updates in the coming months.

The trailer also has raw gameplay footage from the first chapter featuring pirates as well as airships. We also get to see the Maw, the unnatural canyon of water that spans the length of the games world. As mentioned previously the trailer also contains the three warmongering rival factions settlements. All three of these factions are vying for the secrets hidden at Ursee’s depths.

These three settlements are:

  • Saladmount. A place devoted to harvesting wood-like material from giant fungal seatrees. This is used as an ultra-light building material.
  • Shard. This place is home to one of the important Noble houses Borgia. Shard is a place filled with sharp, imposing rock features.
  • Imperial Harbour. Lastly is the largest city of the Ursee and the Royal seat which sits atop Imperial Peak.

The Falconeer will launch for Xbox and PC (via Steam) sometime in 2020. Those of you that are Steam players can Wishlist it from today if you fancy it.

That’s enough from me though. Check out everything you’ve read in action in the below trailer.

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