Legendary Moose arrive in Red Dead Online this week

by on September 30, 2020

There’s always something new to do when your living your best cowboy life, and this week Legendary Moose arrive in Red Dead Online. The multiplayer partner to Red Dead Redemption 2 will reward you with some serious value if you’re able to track one of these impressive beasts.

“Legendary Moose, massive and looming, have been spotted ambling around the wilds of the frontier. Moose are very shy creatures that run if startled and are surprisingly nimble for their size.

The Snowflake Moose blends into its snowy surroundings off Barrow Lagoon. Keep an eye out for its massive black antlers contrasted against the snow. This particular creature prefers to graze on rainy nights, so dress in your warmest leathers before leading an expedition.

The Knight Moose, meanwhile, is most known for its pitch-dark coat and has been rumored to frequent the northern section of the Kamassa River bed during the day. Approach quietly and keep a steady hand to sedate or skin the beast.

Sedating and sampling any Legendary moose will land you an Offer for 30% off a Weapon of your choice.”

The idea of killing a moose greatly upsets me, so I’d definitely advise sedating to keep our antlered friends happy. The hunting element of Red Dead Online goes from strength to strength with each update, and I’m consistently tempted to join in and channel my inner hunter.