Xbox launch the Xbox Family Settings App

by on September 27, 2020

Xbox has launched the Xbox Family Settings App on iOS and Android. The App is available now and aims to help manage children’s gaming. The app is looking to provide families with the tools they need to help create the right balance of gaming for all family members.

From their phone, parents and caregivers can easily create child accounts, update screen time limits, respond to notifications, and much more. It allows them to set guardrails on children’s gaming on Xbox One consoles. And then. from November 10, 2020, on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S too.

You can see the app in action in the video below:


The Xbox Family Settings App has been in preview for the last few months and has been refined for launch. There are now some new features that parents and caregivers can manage right from their fingertips:

  • Accept or decline friends your child wants to add
  • View and manage your child’s friends list
  • Proactively grant your child more screen time

Please see the below instructions from Xbox on how to get the most from the App

How to Use the Xbox Family Settings app

An important first step to using the app is to ensure that each child has their own child or teen account. And setting up a child account is quick and easy through the app and on average, takes just minutes.

Once a child account has been set up, parents and caregivers can customize access to gaming for each child:

  • Screen time limits – set limits for each day of the week; for example, you can allow for more game time on the weekends or reduce it during the school week. And a new feature available today allows parents to proactive grant additional screen time – a great option if they did well on a test or completed their homework!

  • Content filters – set filters based on the age of each child; for example, an 8-year-old can only access games that are rated E and will be blocked from accessing titles that are intended for more mature players

  • Play and communication settings – choose the option to block all access to play and communication with other players, limit access to “friends only” or grant permission for older children to play and chat with “everyone”

  • Friends list – new with the app is the ability to approve or decline friend requests your child has made to add friends; parents can also view their friends list

  • Activity reports – view daily and weekly activity reports for each child to understand how they are spending their time on Xbox

The app gives you the flexibility to customise access for your children, as well as respond to real-time notifications, such as requests from your child to extend the console screen time limit for the day.

You can download the Xbox Family Settings app today for free for iOS and Android.