Podcast #434: It Takes Two, Satisfactory, Outriders

by on March 8, 2021

It’s a five-person podcast this week as Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris Hyde, Chris White, and Mick Fraser get together to talk about all the things they’ve been playing over the past week. Adam Cook and Chris Hyde have been obsessively playing early access factory builder game Satisfactory, while Mick has been all over that Outriders demo. Obviously we also got some extensive hands-on time with the upcoming title from Hazelight (Josef Fares of the Oscars comment fame) “It Takes Two“, an exclusively co-op game which everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy.

There were also some great questions from our listeners, as the team picked where they’d fit into an RPG party, their favourite arcade memories, and what they’d like to see in Breath of the Wild 2.

Download the show in MP3 format, here (right click and save file as).