Marvel’s Avengers Tachyon Anomaly event is now live

by on April 23, 2021

Square Enix has announced that the Tachyon Anomaly event for Marvel’s Avengers is now live and running until May 3, 2021.  The Tachyon Anomaly Event includes a variety of activities.  These include a new opportunity for players to form teams online with more than one of the same Super Hero in any mission.

Watch the Tachyon Anomaly Event trailer here:

The world is reeling as AIM’s tampering with time has led to periodic Tachyon Anomalies. During these events, Avengers from different timelines can converge in a single location and take on threats together.  Players can now form teams of more than one of the same Super Hero online. Players can also matchmake into teams that contain the same Heroes, leading to new and exciting team compositions.

If you complete any Temporal Assault missions will receive an exclusive animated Temporal Assault Nameplate. These can be used with any Super Hero you wish. Completing additional Temporal Assault missions rewards players with Priority Set pieces for high-level Heroes.

The Tachyon Anomaly event also makes Tachyon Rift missions accessible to Heroes who are Power Level 1-100, allowing all players to experience them. A new Tachyon Rift mission, “And We’re Back,” is available on the War Table starting with this event, giving players more missions of that type to run.

Marvel’s Avengers Tachyon Anomaly is live now until May 3, 2021. Marvel’s Avengers is available on PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia.