Marvel’s Avengers character guide | From Worst to Best

by on August 12, 2021

Marvel’s Avengers has walked a difficult path when it comes to pleasing the fans. As a game, its gameplay is a lot of fun. The campaign was great, but it is the end game stuff many had a problem with. With the War of Wakanda expansion on the horizon, Square Enix is finally starting to show off their vision in full. I’ve spent a lot of time with it recently, playing through the two free expansions featuring Kate Bishop and Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye. With that in mind, we take a look at the best characters to play as. As soon as Black Panther is available, we’ll add him into Marvel’s Avengers character guide.

Marvel’s Avengers character guide: Iron Man

Marvel's Avengers Guide iron man

Unfortunately, Tony Stark is probably the worst Avenger of the bunch. Despite having the ability to fly, it never feels organic. Getting from point A to B isn’t as smooth as it should be. Making this worse is trying to fly around in the heat of battle. Despite having some great power with the repulsor blasts, he just lacks any real accuracy. If there is one saving grace, it’s his Hulkbuster Heroic. It may be a bit slow, but wearing the armour and bashing the hell out of enemies is so satisfying.


Marvel's Avengers Guide Hulk

Although Hulk is one powerful mofo, he is rather slow. Sure, ripping parts of the ground up and throwing actual concrete at an AIM agent works, but it never feels like it does much damage. His Heroics are nowhere near as fun as the others, and in groups of enemies he should be obliterating them. Still, his traversal is excellent. Hulk jumps through the air surprisingly elegantly, reaching great distances in an effort to reach the next threat that comes the Avengers’ way.

Black Widow

Marvel's Avengers Guide Black Widow

While there aren’t any obvious negatives about playing as Black Widow, she’s not as fun as the guys below. She is a great allrounder, however. For the enemies in the air, she can use her grappling hook to take them down in a heartbeat. For saying she has no actual superpowers, her variety of weapons give her an edge when fighting a gathering of synthoids or mercenaries, but is the CQC against single enemies where her powers really come into their own.

Captain America

Marvel's Avengers Guide Captain America

He can do this all day. Captain America was the first Avenger, and all that experience helps in Marvel’s Avengers. Using his shield is probably the coolest thing to do in the game. He can launch it at enemies across the battlefield, and on return kick it back into them for extra damage. Up close, he can beat the crap out of enemies, but he’s not the hardest of hitters. Still, his Heroics are cool, especially his Ultimate which allows the shield to be thrown fast and constant.

Marvel’s Avengers character guide: Thor

Marvel's Avengers Guide Thor

Thor is possibly the most powerful of all Avengers. Kind of a given seeing as he’s an actual God. However, he’s easily one of the most exciting Avengers to play as. Wielding Mjolnir, Thor can beat the crap out of enemies up close, but he can also launch it through the air at targets from a distance. His Bifrost Heroic is a gamechanger, summoning the rainbow road and surging through swarms of bad guys. He can also fly through the air and reach long distances in a matter of seconds.

Kate Bishop

Marvel's Avengers Guide Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is one of the newer characters, but already she’s one of the coolest. She’s excellent from long range, using her bow and arrows to stun and damage enemies from a distance. By harnessing Quantum energy, Kate can teleport which is obviously awesome. She’s fast, and excels in combat up close just as much as she does from further away. With plenty of different arrows to provide a range of damage, Kate Bishop is one of the best characters to control.

Marvel’s Avengers character guide: Ms Marvel

Marvel's Avengers Guide ms marvel

Kamala Khan is the main focus in the story and for good reason. Her ability to ’embiggen’ is iconic in the comics, and in Marvel’s Avengers, it is no different. She’s insanely powerful, and is fantastic in both melee and ranged combat. Khan’s ability to stretch herself and grow instantly make her a tough hero to defeat. It’s also a lot of fun wiping out tons of enemies at once, thanks to her Whip Fist ability. She can swing through the air and cover large distances, and her Ultimate Heroic Embiggen is a spectacle to behold.


Marvel's Avengers Guide Hawkeye

While Hawkeye is similar to Kate Bishop, it’s his Ronin sword that gives him the edge. Slicing enemies up close not only looks great, but it’s incredibly powerful. His signature bow is a godsend from range, and can do so much damage providing you’ve upgraded it correctly. Another great element is his support Heroic, where he fires an arrow into the battlefield that heals anyone close by. I never thought he’d be up there as the best Avenger to play as, but he really is.