NieR Replicant | How to complete the “Fragile Delivery” Quest

by on April 24, 2021

NieR Replicant from Square Enix has a lot of additional side-quests for you to complete which offer up additional rewards. If you can complete them, then their rewards often easily pay for the time it takes to complete them. An early NieR Replicant quest which you can acquire is the Fragile Delivery quest. It can seem pretty daunting at the time, maybe even frustrating to complete, but there is actually quite a simple way to do it if you know how. Our guide below will help you through it with ease.

Where is the “Fragile Delivery” Quest in Nier Replicant?

You can acquire this quest from a guard in the starting village map. He is based by the gate that leads to the Northern Plains, just to the left as you face the gate. Speak to him and he will ask you to deliver a special package to the Chief of the Aerie. It sounds straightforward enough, but there’s a catch. As the quest name implies, the package is fragile and will break with even the slightest impact, so you need to be extra careful on your journey

What can break the package?

Any significant bump or knock will break the package. This means you cannot perform a dodge roll at any point, or get hit and knocked over by enemies.  If either of those happens, you will get a message informing you that the package has broken alongside an unfortunate crunching sound. If this does happen, you will need to go back to the guard and inform him of the breakage. Don’t worry though, you won’t fail the quest, he will just give you another package to attempt to deliver.

There are too many enemies!

It can be tempting to try and complete the quest as soon as you acquire it, mainly because the main story requires you to go to the Chief’s house in the Aerie anyway. So it feels like you can kill two birds with one stone. However, you’ll find not only plenty of shades to contend with in the Northern Plains en route, but also the Aerie itself will be full of shades as you progress to the Chief’s house. It’s technically possible to still navigate your way through, but it’s far easier to actually finish the immediate Aerie storyline first, and then come back to this quest a little later.

Ride the Boar

As part of the “Boar Hunt!” quest given to you by the old man next to the item shop in the village, you are asked to slay the boar roaming the Northern Plains. This is definitely worth doing generally as it opens up Boar Riding which can make navigating larger areas much faster and safer. The boar takes a fair few hits, but goes down eventually, just watch out for its charge move which can deal a lot of damage. Once done, you’ll find sleeping boars at the entrance to the Northern Plains. So if you return to the guard and get a new package to deliver, once you enter the Northern Plains you can opt to ride the boar. This will quickly and safely get you to the entrance to the Aerie, avoiding all those troublesome shades.

Deliver the package

From there it’s fairly straightforward to complete the quest. You’ll find no shades in the Aerie now that you’ve already completed the immediate quest here. Just run straight past the bats in the first area and they shouldn’t trouble you. Then it’s plain sailing to go to the Chief’s house and deliver the package. Then you can return to the guard – again quite quick thanks to the boar – and claim your reward of 1,450 gold. Well done, you’ve complete the “Fragile Delivery” Quest in NieR Replicant