Gameplay Video: Returnal looks great, and might be our new obsesssion

by on April 23, 2021

Returnal is out on April 30th exclusively for PlayStation 5, and we’re allowed to show you some of the gameplay, with some early thoughts as well.

Clicking the link above will take you to Mick’s preview, where he says:

“Like a multitude of games before it, the latest video game to not only feature death and respawns but to actively weave that theme into its very fabric is Returnal, the new third-person roguelike from Housemarque. The studio isn’t an outfit often associated with third-person action – but they will be after Returnal. Of that, I have no doubt.

Having spent time in its stunning world, as long as it continues like this, it has insane potential. At this early point, the greatest praise I’ll bestow upon Returnal is that I’m utterly enamoured. I’ve only come across a few mini-bosses so far; one was a huge tentacle beast that reminded me of the Mimics in Edge of Tomorrow (perhaps intentionally).

It destroyed me in seconds and made me realise that I need to get much tougher before facing it again. I was hooked in the first 20 minutes. And the moment I turned off the PS5 I wanted to go back.

Returnal is shaping up to be an excellent addition to the PS5’s fledgling library of exclusives. It’s dark and stormy and immensely challenging, but so far it’s also satisfying, intriguing, and incredibly promising.”

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