Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids | How to unlock Iberian Armor Set

by on May 12, 2021

Once in Dublin, Azar tells you about Trade Contracts. Completed contracts offer new armor sets, and tattoo, ship, and settlement schematics. Therefore, plenty of contracts become available to unlock new items. You use Irish Resources to get all the cool new stuff. We’ve detailed the contracts and Irish Resources needed to unlock the Iberian Armor Set, available at Dublin’s Renown level 1. Find out what you need to do below in this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids Iberian Armor Set guide.

Trade Contract:

Clothes for Cordoba: 20 Clothing – Iberian Armor

Textiles and Testaments: 10 Clothing, 20 Texts – Iberian Bracers

Clothes for Cordoba VI: 30 Clothing – Iberian Helmet

Textiles and Testaments III: 10 Clothing, 30 Texts – Iberian Breeches

A Final Feast: 15 Clothing, 15 Texts, 20 Delicacies – Iberian Cloak

Emir’s Indulgence: 20 Clothing, 20 Texts, 30 Luxuries – Iberian Seax (Dagger)

With all Trade Contracts, unlocking the various Trade Posts across Ireland speeds up production of the various Resources. Firstly, reclaim posts by defeating the enemies guarding them. Secondly, find the deeds to be able to unlock posts as a production centre. This will makes sure that the resources will come flooding in at Azar’s store in Dublin. However, resources can be found in various chests scattered across Ireland, so it’s worth looking everywhere. After that, you’ll start to look lovely in all the fancy new Armor Sets available.

Travelling across Ireland provides plenty of areas for you to find Irish Resources. It’s also worth pointing out that different Trade Posts focus on one particular type of resource. If there’s a particular resource needed for the item of armour you need, you can always unlock that Trade Post first. Regardless, there’s a natural flow to raiding monasteries, finding Trade Posts, and recouping wealth throughout the different areas of Ireland. You’ll find a few guides on how to unlock Trade Posts and acquiring plenty of Irish Resources in our guides section. But that’s how you unlock the Iberian Armor set in Valhalla.