Biomutant | How to find the Hazard Suits

by on May 24, 2021

As you explore the various biomes of Biomutant – and there is a lot to explore – you will come across areas rendered impassable by certain hazards. There are five different elements in total to protect against. While you can spend Bioblobs to upgrade your defence against a specific hazard in the Mutation menu, it takes a lot of precious resources. Instead, you’ll need to find 5 outfits that will allow you to explore these hazardous areas without penalty. Read on for our guide in how to find the five Hazard suits in Biomutant.

Biomutant Hazard Suits

What are Pingdishes?

First of all, you can’t just head to a suit’s location and pick it up. They’re almost all located in Bangshelters, behind doors that will be locked unless you have advanced the side quest to find them. The first time you walk into a hazardous are you’ll receive a side quest to locate the Pingdish for whichever suit corresponds to the area. For me, the first one was the Radiation Suit, but I’ll list them below in the order I got them in-game.

Either way, the first thing you’ll need to do is locate the relevant Pingdish on the map. These are shown as huge satellite dishes, and are very wide spread. Below we’ve listed the map coordinates for each Pingdish.


How to locate the Hazard Suits

You’ll need to find them and defeat the enemies currently ransacking them. Then, you solve a puzzle on the dish’s control panel, which allows you to control the dish. Simply move it until it vibrates like crazy, and hit the Interact button. The location of the corresponding suit will then appear on the HUD and your map. Once you get there, you will find a specific door in the Bangshelter where your new suit is housed.

Be aware that you will need to wear the whole suit to get the full benefit, and they don’t have much protection. As there are several fights in the hazardous areas you’ll be exploring, be sure to equip shoulder pads, backpacks and face gear to up your defence.

Biomutant Hazard Suits

Where are the Pingdish locations?

The Heat Suit Pingdish can be found Sector 6K, at coordinates X: 78488 / Y: 383062. The suit itself is in Bangshelter 6L, to the north of the dish.

You’ll find the Oxygen Suit Pingdish to the north of the map, in Sector 11H at coordinates X: 353019 / Y: 245656. This suit is unique in that it has 4 parts and includes a 02 backpack.

Head to Sector 9H to find the Biohazard Suit Pingdish at map coordinates X: 225800 / Y: 240031.

Next, you can find the Cold Suit Pingdish in Sector 6E, at X: 78581 / Y: 88094.

And finally, the Radiation Suit Pingdish is located in Sector 3F, at map coordinates X: 54044 / Y: 118938.