Biomutant | How to upgrade the Klonkfist

by on May 24, 2021

The Klonkfist is one of the first tools you find in Biomutant. While it’s selectable as a melee weapon – and is certainly a viable way to play – it’s primary use is smashing down breakable walls. However, it won’t be long before you come across walls that are too tough for your vanilla Klonkfist. At this point, you’ll need to seek out an NPC named Klick. Read on for our guide on how to upgrade the Klonkfist.

Biomuitant upgrade klonkfist

Biomutant: How to find Klick

You’ll be given the quest fairly early on, some time after defeating the first World-Eater in Biomutant. You need a tinkerer named Klick to help you, and you can find her at a location rather unhelpfully named Anywhere. Just head to map coordinates X: 34800 / Y: 48281 in Sector 5D to find her wagon.

Once there she’ll tell you that the only way to upgrade the Klonkfist is by supercharging the metal plate in it to make it stronger. To do that, you’ll need to go find an Old World Toxanol zapstation. Follow the quest marker all the way there, and head inside – but be ready for a fight.

Biomuitant upgrade klonkfist

How to supercharge the Klonkfist

To charge the metal you need to locate a lever on a raised platform on one side of the substation. When you flip it, a circle of light will appear on the ground. Jump down and stay in the circle until lightning strikes and hit the corresponding button (you’ll be prompted, but don’t have much time). That’s once, but you need to do it 3 times.

The second and third time you charge the metal successfully you’ll be attacked by monsters made of darkness. They’re not mini-bosses but they can be quite tough. Their lightning hits hard and will stun you for a moment, but they’re not too hard to overcome. Once the metal is charged enough, you can return to Klick.

Biomuitant upgrade klonkfist

Biomutant: Get your new Klonkfist

All you need to do now is give Klick the supercharged metal and she’ll fasten you a brand new, much stronger Klonkfist. This can now be used on tougher walls (which will now be highlighted in the Side Quest menu), which hide better and rarer loot. And that’s how you upgrade the Klonkfist in Biomutant.