Dying Light 2 news is coming soon according to this press pack they sent us

by on May 25, 2021

Often we get things in the post, but this Dying Light 2 news / press pack thing was pretty cool, so we thought we’d share it with you. We have all been worried about Dying Light 2 for a while now. But this lengthy black tube we got sent proves there’s info coming soon.

Inside the pack was a torch, but not just any kind of torch – no. This torch is an infa-red one that reveals a few snippets of information about potential Dying Light 2 news. First up, you need to keep an eye on, or follow Techland at Twitch.tv/Techland. Second of all, the date and time.

9pm CEST (8pm UK/3pm USA) on the 27th of May. The last bit of info that’s intriguing is that there seems to be a new tagline. “Stay Human” is plastered all over the materials we were sent.

Anyway, there are also rumours about a re-release of the original game set for that same date as well. It’d make a nice shadow drop while revealing info about the new game. We’d expect them to say something like “We know you all want Dying Light 2 news”, and then show gameplay. But we’d also expect that it won’t be out until much later this year. Watch my enthusiastic unboxing and reveal in the video below, and subscribe so you never miss incredible excited videos like this.