Futuristic street art appears in London to celebrate launch of Scarlet Nexus

by on June 24, 2021

A stunning piece of street art has appeared in East London to celebrate the launch of Scarlet Nexus. Top mural artist Jim Vision from EndoftheLine has revealed a piece of futuristic street art inspired by Blade Runner. It features a vast spray of neon electric colour and ghostly figures. It was produced over two days by Vision using 50 cans of spray paint. Not only that, 33 shades of colour and 4 neon colours were used to make the mural. The artwork of the game helped to inspire the piece, which features bizarre monsters and a gorgeous use of colours.

This part of East London felt like a fitting place to produce this piece of art.” said Jim Vision. “You look down one road and you see the quiet residential streets that were once the stomping ground of legendary London gangsters, The Krays, then you turn the corner, and you are surrounded by a huge city landscape of high-rise futuristic buildings very similar to Scarlet Nexus”.

The art will be up for a month to celebrate the launch of Scarlet Nexus. It can be seen on the wall opposite Second Home Spitalfields, 68 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL. Bandai Namco has also partnered up with Cyberdog, a London-based futuristic fashion brand. The brand’s store in Camden Market will host a range of in-store activities on June 25 between 11am and 5pm. Further Scarlet Nexus murals from Jim Vision will be created live. There will also be a chance to collaborate with the artists on the fantastic digital graffiti board.

You can see a hyper-lapsed video of the graffiti being produced below: