Skyward Sword HD | How to find and enter Beedle’s flying air shop

by on July 16, 2021

In Skyward Sword HD, there’s a flying shop that you aren’t actually told about. No, we’re not talking about the Bazaar. There you can get shields fixed, or buy potions. But the best shop to buy from early on is Beedle’s flying shop. Oh, and that’s not just a name, it’s actually flying.

In Beedle’s shop you can buy a net and an adventure pouch upgrade. Both of these are vital upgrades at the start of the game. The latter lets you hold more items, for example. However, one of the things about Skyward Sword HD is that it has a less hand-holding opening. This means less tutorials and more fun, and that’s great. But it also means you’re more free to find your own way, a-la Breath of the Wild.

When can I find Beedle’s flying shop in Skyward Sword HD?

First up, don’t go looking for Beedle’s shop at the start of the game. You might find bugs and have a wallet full of rupees, but you can’t even encounter Beedle’s shop until you’ve got the slingshot.

Where do I find the slingshot, then?

Put simply, you cannot miss it. It’s part of an early story mission in Faron Woods. You’ll encounter a small scared Kikwi, and you’ll befriend him by chasing and finding him. After this you’ll come across the Tribe Elder, Bucha, who will task you with finding his other lost Kikwis.

Simply find them and he’ll reward you with the slingshot for a job well done

Where do I find the slingshot, then?

Now what? Where is the flying shop in Skyward Sword HD?

The best thing to do now is continue your adventure. Go through Faron Woods and find the dungeon. Inside you’ll get another special tool that can help you find items in the world. Finish up this area and you’ll naturally be told to go back to the Sky, or rather, Skyloft.

Skyward Sword HD | Beedle's Airshop guide

Once you get back to Skyloft, Fi will inform you that the Goddess cubes reveal treasure chests in Skyloft. Ignore this, or grab the first one you see, and start searching above you. Beedle’s shop is floating around during the day above Skyloft.

But I can’t fly, how do I get up there?

Remember that slingshot you just got? Here’s where it’s going to come in handy. Once you spy his shop, look for the large bell underneath it. Get your slingshot out and take aim, and ring his bell.

But I can’t fly, how do I get up there?

He’ll immediately stop his shop in its tracks and lower a rope. Walk up to the rope, climb the rope, then go into the shop. Get that net and the adventure pouch upgrade asap! Also, know that he restocks with new items relevant to your quests as you go on.

And that’s it. That is how you find and enter Beedle’s shop in Skyward Sword HD.

A job well done!