Podcast 458: Psychonauts 2, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Twelve Minutes

by on August 30, 2021

It may be busy because of Gamescom, but the games are flowing thick and fast as Chris Hyde tries not to have Twelve Minutes spoiled for him. He’s also been teaming up with Adam Cook to play some Aliens: Fireteam Elite: do the duo agree with Mick’s review of this one?

Game Pass just gets better and better, with a massive 9.5/10 scoring release in Psychonauts 2, which Adam has also been playing. Our special long overdue guest appearance/debut has also played a lot of that one. Hmm, who could it be?

What more could you want from a podcast? Something new, debut, definitely blue. It’s the best, right? CMON LISTEN ALREADY!

Download the audio MP3, here.

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