Modding support comes to Deep Rock Galactic plus a teaser for Update 35

by on September 14, 2021

Modding support has been added for Deep Rock Galactic, a long-awaited and highly anticipated feature from the community. Ghost Ship Games has partnered with Mod.io to bring a fully comprehensive modding interface.  They have been working with the community to make sure that every element of the system ensures that modding is implemented fairly for everyone; from the most hardcore to casual players of the game.  In addition, Ghost Ship has confirmed Update 35 will be its biggest update ever, and they shared a few teasers for what is coming.

Deep Rock Galactic modding features

  • Easy mod browsing and installation through the Mod.io platform.  There are three categories of mods, which determine whether players can receive regular progression rewards on modded servers.
    • Sandbox, Approved, and Verified will all be clearly tagged and also have a detailed description of each category and what they entail.
  • Clear tags for modded servers so players will clearly know if a server is using mods, and which mods it’s using.
  • The interface will also include a system for handling activation and deactivation mods easily and quickly.  This means players don’t need to worry about deactivating Approved mods when trying to join a server that doesn’t have them installed.
  • In addition, if players want to join a modded server, but don’t have those mods installed, they will be automatically downloaded.

Update 35

Update 35 will be the largest update the game’s received to date.  Here is a look at the new weapons that have been confirmed.

The LOK-1 Smart Rifle

The Corrosive Sludge Pump

The ‘Hurricane’ Guided Rocket System

The DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine

There are many more details to be announced, watch this space.

Deep Rock Galactic is out now.  The game is available to play on Xbox One and PC.

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