Tales of Arise | How to remove the red barrier in Fagan Ruins

by on September 8, 2021

Eagle-eyed Tales of Arise players will notice a red barrier blocking a room entrance in Fagan Ruins, and may wonder how to remove it. The solution is a little bit complicated but is simple once you know the solution. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be fine.

Tales of Arise | Where is the red barrier in Fagan Ruins?

When you arrive at the Fagan Ruins, you will come across a room that is up on Storage Block 2F. Within this room you will be able to see a chest, however, you will not be able to enter as it is blocked off by red lasers.

How do I remove the barrier?

To get access, you must first make your way up to Block 3F. Once you get there, all you have to do is make your way right around to the very last room on this floor. You can see the area you need to get to on the map image below:

Within this room, you will have to fight three Armadillo enemies who are guarding a switch on the wall. Defeat the enemies, push the button, and presto. The red barrier that is blocking entry to the room on 2F is now removed and you can go and head on in.

It is just a case of making your way back and picking up your prize. Your reward is a Pierce Emblem, which is an Accessory you can equip on one of your characters. It raises your Penetration Defence by 30% which is a welcome bonus this early in the game. Make sure to equip it to either Iron Mask or Shionne before you leave.

And there you have it, you’ve removed the red barrier in Fagan Ruins in Tales of Arise and nabbed a useful Accessory to boot. Congratulations!

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