The Dawning returns to Destiny 2 with new gear, gifts and snowball fights!

by on December 14, 2021

Hot on the heels of the Bungie 30th Anniversary celebrations, the annual Dawning celebration has returned to Destiny 2. Running until January 4th, the free in-game festive event features a load of new gear and items to unlock.

The Dawning, for the uninitiated, is Destiny 2’s Christmas-themed event, joining The Festival of the Lost (Halloween) and Crimson Days (St Valentine’s Day) in Destiny 2’ line-up of seasonal events each year. It’s an opportunity to kick back a little, earn some shiny new gear, and leave the problems of invading alien races and ancient God-Queens behind for a few weeks.

Everyone’s favourite grand-ma, Eva Lavante, has returned with her magic oven, allowing you to bake holiday treats and generate Dawning spirit. There’s a new Exotic ship to unlock, and Destiny 2’s first Stasis-powered Sword, the Zephyr.

The Dawning returns to Destiny 2

While you’re all busy enjoying the new Dares of Eternity event that launched last week, you will also be able to use Bright Dust or Silver to pick up the new Universal Ornament set to make your Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks sparkle over the holiday period.

As the launch of The Witch Queen draws ever closer, now is the best time to get stuck into Destiny 2 and grind up all the loot and gear from the recent events – including the legendary Gjallahorn Rocket Launcher that returned with the celebration pack. There’s even a super-cute Ghost shell that resembles a Christmas jumper.

The Dawning returns to Destiny 2

After reset today (14th December), head over to the Tower and have chat with Eva to start celebrating the Dawning with your allies old and new, and bring some Festive cheer to the Vanguard. Just watch out for the snowballs!

Destiny 2 is free to download on PC, PS4, PS5 and the Xbox series of consoles, and supports cross-play and cross-save across all platforms. The next major expansion, The Witch Queen, launches February 22, 2022.

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