Naraka: Bladepoint is coming to mobile

by on May 23, 2022

24 Entertainment and NetEase Games have announced that Naraka: Bladepoint is currently in development for iOS and Android. Although there is no official release date just yet, fans can watch a gameplay trailer for mobile, first shown today at NetEase Connect 2022.

Naraka: Bladepoint on mobile intends to bring the same high quality graphics and gameplay as seen on PC. It has also been built from the ground up, with particular mobile hardware in mind to make sure it plays well, has a UI that makes sense, and camera optimisation for the platform. If you were concerned it wouldn’t have the same signature melee combat and great graphics, you can rest easy.

A new hero joined Naraka: Bladepoint at the weekend. Takeda Nobutada, the Demon Vessel, is the mentor of Kurumi and harnesses the power of Furen, a demon who can harness lethal damage when summoned in battle. With the Demonic Aid skill, players can release Furen onto the battlefield to push enemies back, attack, or teleport Takeda towards enemies for brutal attacks. The Mythic Grab skill will let players grab their opponent’s weapons and turn the tables in devastating counter-attacks.