Naraka: Bladepoint season 12 “Tenacity” launches

by on April 12, 2024

NetEase Games and developer 24 Entertainment has announced the launch of season 12 for Naraka: Bladepoint, called “Tenacity”.

As you’d expect from a new season for any game, there’s lots of new content including events, but there’s also a new hero in the form of Lyam Liou, and they can control metal.

Check out the newest trailer for season 12, below:


Earlier this month the team previewed season 12 of Naraka: Bladepoint, where it was announced there was a rework to the potential system happening, a new casual mode called “Hot Potato Counter”, and that, although initially it was an April Fool’s joke,  the team even added a “weapon” that let you slap your enemies up until the 10th, so if you missed that, it’s gone.

You can check out the season 12 treasure scroll, which is basically the game’s version of a battle pass, below. The image show slots of the things you can unlock, and it’ll cost 1200 gold to unlock the treasure scroll itself.

Naraka Bladepoint

Here’s a key features list for season 12:

  • To celebrate the Songkran Festival, Naraka: Bladepoint introduces the Festival of Water event, where players will be able to use Hydro-Swarm to hit enemies with a water gun attack and experience the festival atmosphere.
  • This season introduces the new potential system! The new Potential System gives players the ability to freely activate nodes that suit their playstyle, experience and skills, while also aiming to encourage variety in player approach to battles.
  • A new game mode has arrived in the name of Hot Potato Counter! This new mode aims at a more casual and fun experience, adding a ball to the arena, which players attack instead of each other. Attacks, Counters and Skills control the ball until it turns red, which indicates it can be shot towards an enemy or passed to an ally. But watch out: the ball speeds up with every exchange! Season 12 will also incorporate new outfits for fan favourite characters!
  • A new hero arrives! The Maven Magnetist, Lyam Liu, will join the character line-up during Season 12. Liu has the ability to control metal. More details will be shared on Lyam Liu when he enters the fray midway through the season.

The Festival of Water had actually already started on the 10th, but it runs until April 24th.

Naraka: Bladepoint is out now for PC and consoles.