Escape Academy What Lies Below Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

What Lies Below is the final escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy What Lies Below Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 50 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 5/5


Start Quanty’s Exam

Run forward when you can and meet the Headmaster is restrained. QUANTY will appear and force to take his Exam. Head up the stairs to the left to begin. Once you’re in the room with all the chairs, head to the right.

You’ll see a lot of lockers to your right. Open up them all. You’ll find that you can’t open up the Student 00 locker. That’s our first target. Turn around and you’ll see a few busts to your right
Investigate the bust in the middle – it’s of the Headmaster and you’ll receive the Headmasters Glasses.

Whilst these are not an item you can use, you’ll now be permanently wearing them. And they reveal hidden messages that the Headmaster has left for you. You’ll know where they are as they appear in purple paint.

Turn back to the open lockers and they’ll reveal to you the padlock combination to unlock Student 00’s locker. It is:

0, Clockwise to 10, Anticlockwise to 25, Clockwise to 15.

Approach the lock and input this command to open the locker. Inside is a Testing Sheet and the Headmaster’s Pin.

The Testing Sheet is what we will be using to put our answers to each room in. If we get it right, we can progress to the next.

You need to look around the room for a clue for what to put on the first row. The answer lies beyond the other lockers. There is a screen on the wall with the message:


Next to this screen is the machine where you’ll be inserting the Testing Sheet each time. You’ll notice each time you can select from the letters:

A, B, C, D, E

You can select more than one letter, but you must get it right to progress.

Using the clue above it’s clear we need to put the following into our Testing Sheet:


So mark those letters and press the yellow button. You will get a “CORRECT” message and the nearby door will open. Don’t forget to pick up your Testing Paper before you head on through.

Do the Dance

It’s pretty clear QUANTY likes a dance, because your next puzzle involves a similar dancefloor to the one we saw in the Lab Rat level. Walk up the steps and then stop.

Look at the screen ahead of you. It shows:

Blue → Green → Red → Yellow

The idea is from all these puzzles is you follow the colours from where you are and you end up at a terminal. So from where you are there is a Blue square in front of you to the right, then you can move forward onto a Green Square, before turning left onto a Red Square and heading forward onto a Yellow square.

You should now be infront of a machine with an A on it. Press the button and you’ll notice that it is now smoking out of the top. The colours on the screen have now changed, they are:

Yellow → Red → Green → Purple → Yellow

You’ll soon realise that only sequence of moves that can work from your current Yellow square, is to head directly opposite, over the five squares, until you end up at a D machine. Press the button and check out the new colour sequence. It is:

Yellow → Blue → Red → Green

This time you’ll need to turn to your left, and see that you can follow this colour pattern by walking to the end, into the corner. You’ll be opposite an E machine, so press the button on it to make it smoke.

The new sequence is:

Green → Yellow → Blue → Red → Dark Blue

There’s only one Dark Blue square on the dancefloor, and it’s straight across from where you are, which conveniently also covers all the colours in the sequence.

You’ll end up at a C machine. Press the button and prepare for the final sequence:

Dark Blue → Red → Purple → Red → Blue

This sequence requires you to sort of double-back on yourself. Turn around from the C machine, move forward one square to the Red Square, then turn right onto the Purple Square, and then right again onto the Red Square. Finally turn left onto the Blue square.

You will be in front of a B machine. Press the button. You’ll now be told to head to the Exit by the big screen.

This is because you have all the information you need for the Testing Sheet. You’ve actually interacted with a machine from all the letters A to E. If you forget which ones you have done, don’t worry that’s where the smoke comes in to remind you.

Now the important thing here is to go to each one of the smoking machines and see whethere the circle beneath the letter is empty or filled in. If it’s filled in, we need to include it on our Testing Sheet.

If you need the solution it is as follows:

B, C, D

Now before you rush to the Testing Sheet machine, head down the stairs of the dancefloor and then turn left. Inspect the shelves, and you’ll find a Battery (Dead). We will use this much later on, but it saves backtracking.

Now head on over to the Testing Machine and punch in B, C and D to proceed, again pick up the Testing Paper and head on through.

Light it Up

This next room is all based on electricity. Go up the stairs to review the main screen. For those veterans of the infamous BioShock minigame, you’ll be right at home here.

The key is to connect and swap out various tiles to connect the start of the power on the right to the end on the left. To assist you in reaching all the way across, some tiles, marked A, B, C, D and E are placed and locked in.

The important part of this puzzle though isn’t just to connect the power, but to do so through the various letter tiles to see what happens. If they emit a green light when powered, they need to be marked on the Testing Sheet. If they emit a white light then they do not.

You only have a limited number of tiles so you’ll have to test different routes going through different letter tiles one at a time to see which ones light up in which ways. And they will only light up if the power is connected at both ends, so you’ll need to use your brain to ensure you can do that each time with the few tiles you have.

You’ll find after lots of powering up that the following tiles turned green when powered:

A, D, E

But before you put that into the Testing Machine and move on, theres actually a power node that you can interact with to the left of the stairs leading up to the electric tile puzzle. Use the Battery (Dead) on it to give it some juice.

Now go ahead and input the right letters into the Testing Sheet to move on.

Morse Code

Out of the previous room, you’ll enter a greenish area. You may also notice a purple eye icon above a grate. Do not worry we will be coming back this way. But for now head onwards into a yellow room.

As you enter the room, you’ll notice some columns of various sizes dotted around the room, and also on the back wall, the letters A – E written in Morse Code. This is for your reference. Remember the following:

A dot in Morse Code is a short blink
A dash in Morse Code is a longer blink

The five columns in the middle can all be moved around. And they need to be placed on a particular tile, each labelled A – E. The key to understanding which one goes where is Morse Code.

Pay attention to the blinking lights around the side of each column, and they will correspond do a letter in Morse Code, then you need to manevure that column to that letter tile. Remember you may need to move other columns out of the way to get the column you want to a tile, as the columns can only move on a set track.

If you’re having trouble, the solution is:

Shortest column: C
Short column: B
Medium column: A
Tall column: E
Tallest column: D

Once the last column is placed correctly, all their lids will flip open to reveal whether their letter is filled in on the Testing Sheet or not. The letters you need to fill in are:

B, D

As before, head on through to the next area, taking your Testing Sheet with you.

I Believe in Chemicals

The next area is all about Chemical mixing. As you enter, you can pick up 5 canisters from the left, again, unsurprisingly all marked A – E. Pick them all up.

Now turn around and you’ll see a chamber where you can mix chemicals together.

To the left of the tank is the name of some relevant chemicals. It reads:

Yellow: Fluoride (F2)
Blue: Cobalt Oxide (CoO)
Red: Bromine (Br2)
White: Water (H2O)”

If you head over to the Testing Machine, behind it is a screen that reads:


So it’s clear we need to identify which tanks are full of Water, and that will be our final answer on the Testing Sheet.

Now head back to the mixing machine, and look to the right, as there is some more information there that we need. It reads:

“BR2 + CoO = Purple
F2 + CoO = Green
BR2 + BR2 = Red
BR2 + H20 = Red”

So this tells us the colour gases to expect when we mix our tanks.

You can’t run out of stuff in the tanks, so now is the time to experiment with combinations to deduce what is in each tank. Doing so will help you find out which tank(s) are filled with water.

By deduction and experimentation you’ll discover the following:

Tank A: Bromine
Tank B: Fluoride
Tank C: Cobalt Oxide
Tank D: Water
Tank E: Fluoride

As such we need to mark D on our Testing Sheet as we put it in the Testing Machine. This completes our Testing Sheet and finishes the exam. We are back where we started and QUANTY wants us to shut ourselves away. We’re not going to do that.

Do a Little Damage

Remember that green area that I said we’d be returning to? Head back there now by retracing your steps. As you’ll have noticed there’s a grate we can interact with. Use the Headmaster’s Pin to remove the grate and then crawl through to this new area.

In here are three terminals that we need to destroy. The first, to your right has a 5V limit. Luckily we have a charged 12V battery to ruin QUANTY’s day. Placed the battery here to destroy this Terminal.

Make you way anti-clockwise until you come to the next terminal. Here is a 5×5 grid, and you need to highlight certain letters. The answer to which letters to highlight directly correlate the same position of the letters on your Testing Sheet. So Pin the Testing Sheet and copy the marks.

You’ll notice by doing this, that when you’ve finished it quite elegantly spells:


Which is what QUANTY will do to this console. Now onto the last one. This console has a warning on it that reads:


You know what to do, use your D tank on it, to short circuit this final console.

Attack the Upper Level

Now you need to head to the Yellow Morse Code room again. As you enter, move into the middle of the room, turn around and look up. You will see some purple paint pointing to a grate up high. We now just need to reach it.

To get there we need to use each of the columns together like a staircase. You’ll notice there is a part of the track that goes right up against the wall, so that’s where we need to stack our columns. Begin with the Tallest column first, and then work your way down in order.

Once they are arranged like a staircase you can simply walk up them normally, and you’ll be on the ledge next to the grate.

Again, use the Headmaster’s Pin to unlock the grate and crawl through the vent. You’ll come out in the green area, above where you just destroyed the consoles. Move ahead of you, and you’ll come to a big red button. It’s tempting. Press it.

Deactivate QUANTY… Permanently

Now we’re on the home stretch. Backtrack a little bit and you’ll find a ladder you can interact with that will drop down for you to quickly access the console room from before.

QUANTY isn’t happy, and there are now multiple screens in the centre with red text on. Each of these is a word puzzle. And we must solve them all to do QUANTY in for good.

The first one reads.


And we have a solution that is four letters long. We have been given three of our letters in I, P and E. But the M part is slightly trickier. It essentially means flip an M round 180 degrees. If you do it becomes W. As such your solution here is:


Enter this and move onto the next puzzle.

Another puzzle is:


And the solution is again a four-letter word. This time we are essentially looking for a word that means the opposite of START that is four letters long. The solution is:


The next puzzle is:


The solution is seven letters long. In this case we are actually told all of the letters and their order. We just need to follow the numbers in order to reveal our word. The solution is:


Another puzzle is:


The solution is four letters long again. Here we need to take each letter in order, but then move along the alphabet accordingly based on the number next to it. As such the solution is:


With all the puzzles completed, you can now interact with the main central screen. Interact with it to initiate the Prime Directive. This will give you one final puzzle:


The solution is two four letter words. This puzzle is a combination of all the previous QUANTY word puzzles. And can seem odd at first as you only get six letters, but the answer requires a total of eight.

But lets work it through, using all the logic up to now to work out our six letters. They are


But then you’ll notice that the entire clue is in brackets and the true answer is the opposite answer. In which case the true solution is:


Congratulations you have defeated QUANTY and beaten Escape Academy!