Escape Academy Yes, Chef Walkthrough

by on June 20, 2023

Yes, Chef is the fourth escape room in the Escape Academy DLC Escape from the Past by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Yes, Chef Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 35 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Unlock the Kitchen

We need to feed the faculty, but our first challenge is getting into the kitchen in the first place. For this we need to go looking around the cafeteria for pictures that have a star, a moon and a heart on them.

For the star picture, you should see it on the wall just to left of where the staff are seated. You will note it depicts a sunset. For the heart, turn around and head down the stairs towards the fireplace. Then look at the wall on your right to see a painting of a vase of flowers with the heart on it. Then finally for the moon, look at the fireplace, and you will see a dartboard above it with a moon shape next to it.

Now head back up the stairs and to your left, and you should see the Jukebox. Interact with it to see the list of songs to choose from. Now what you’re looking for here are three song titles that represent the items we have just located. Have a look yourself, but if you’re struggling they are:

  • Star: [D2] Right Past Sunset
  • Heart: [E3] By the Flowers
  • Moon: [C4] Just Off Target

Now we don’t actually need the song titles, what we need are the Jukebox inputs, so D2, E3 and C4. Armed with those, turn around and look at the large glass case on the table in front of you. It will have a code to enter, so enter D2, E3 and C4 and it will unlock, allowing you to grab the Kitche-Tron 3000.

Now look to your left and you should see a glass cabinet, with lots of pies rotating in it. The sign next to them reads:

Delicious pies from top to bottom

Now you’ll want to expect each pie, from top to bottom, and make a note of how many slices are in each pie. Doing this for every shelf should yield the following number of slices:

5, 3, 6, 2, 4, 1

With all this information we can now unlock the door to the kitchen. Head to the right, and you’ll find the kitchen door locked requiring a six-digit code. Use the pie code we just deciphered to unlock it. This will reveal a socket hole. Use the Kitche-Tron 3000 on it to open it and you’ll open the door.

Prepare to Cook

Now we’re in the kitchen, but we’re faced with another challenge. The Pantry door is locked, and that is where all the food is. So we need to open it. Once in the kitchen, head to your left and inspect the large cookbook on the island in front of you. You’ll see it’s all locked up with a padlock and chains. The clue on the padlock reads:

O.P.E.N Sesame

This is a clue we need. Look to your left and head to the wall, and you should see a range of drawers with different herbs and spices written on them. The key here is to spell out the word OPEN with herb names, and then use Sesame. As such interact with the spice rack in this order:

Oregano, Pepper, Elderflower, Nutmeg, Sesame

The Sesame Drawer will then open revealing a Small Key. Return to the cookbook, and use the Small Key on it to unlock it and open it. This book is full of useful information for the remainder of the escape room. The first page gives us our first clue:

Pantry Code:

Butter, Dairy, Citrus, Greens

Armed with this information, head over to the Pantry door. To the right of the door you will see a poster on the wall, which splits up the various food groups. You’ll see each food group is given a number from 1-7 on the outside of the circle. Now we just need to transpose the code from the cookbook into numerical form using this poster:

  • Butter: Group 7
  • Dairy: Group 4
  • Citrus: Group 2
  • Greens: Group 1

As such the code for the Pantry is 7421. Use this on the padlock to unlock it. You’ll then need to use the Kitche-Tron 3000 on the door to enter.

First Course: Salad

Now we can start preparing food, and the first course is salad. Enter the Pantry and go straight ahead to the shelving unit on the far side to pick up the Salad Ingredients. Return to the kitchen and go over to the cookbook. Flip over the page of the cookbook for a diagram for the Salad Recipe. Follow the wavy lines to connect the Ingredients to the Chop Setting numbers. You will find that:

  • Apples = 2
  • Walnuts = 4
  • Lettuce = 1
  • Celery = 3

Now turn right and go to the end of the island, and you’ll find the salad preparation area. Use your Salad Ingredients here. This will separate the four salad ingredients out into bowls. Interact with the Salad Shooter to power it on with the Kitche-Tron 3000. Now you need to add your ingredients at the correct Chop Setting levels as written above. It doesn’t matter which order you do the ingredients, just make sure the correct Chop Setting number is in the machine before you select the ingredient. Then when you have done it for all four, you can pick up the Delicious Salad.

Now turn around and use the Delicious Salad on the delivery train to send out the first course.

Second Course: Soup

Now for the soup. Head back into the Pantry. Look to left of where you found the Salad Ingredients, to find the Soup Ingredients. Now again head back to the cookbook and turn the page for your Soup tips. On this page, you’ll see the following:

Ingredients Carrots, Garlic Cloves, Onion, Cups of Broth

Nutritional info: 20 mg of Vitamin C, 4g of Fiber, 4g of Sodium, 2g of Protein

Annoyingly the amounts of each ingredient we need to make the perfect soup is crossed out. But we have been given the accompanying nutritional information. To use this, we need some additional detail, so lets head back into the Pantry and look for helpful posters on the wall. In there we learn the following:

Each carrot has 4mg of Vitamin C. Good for the eyes, great for the soul.

Onion. Two grams of Fiber in every one

Did you know? Each cup of our delicious broth contains only one gram of Sodium!

Stronger than you think… A clove of garlic has 1/2 gram of Protein. Try that on for size

So now we know the nutritional information of all our ingredients, and the soup nutritional breakdown, we can work out the quantities of each ingredient needed for the soup

  • Carrots: 20mg of Vitamin C, 4mg per carrot = 5 carrots
  • Onion: 4g of Fiber, 2g per onion = 2 onions
  • Broth: 4g of Sodium, 1g per cup = 4 cups of broth
  • Garlic: 2g of Protein, 1/2g per garlic clove = 4 cloves of garlic

With this information, exit the Pantry, and look to the wall on your left to see the stove with the large pot on it. Use your Soup Ingredients to lay everything out. Now put in the quantities as outlined above into the pot. Then use your Kitche-Tron 3000 to blend it together and you will receive Delicious Soup.

As before, take this to the delivery train to serve it.


Main Course: Burgers

Now for some burgers. Head over to the cookbook and flip the page once more. There’s a lot of information on this page, but for now we just need to focus on the clue on the top of the page:

Use the Mystery MEAT

The clue here is the word MEAT. Now head into the Pantry, and turn left into the cold storage area. Directly in front of you is a chiller box. Interact with it to turn the cogs on top. You’ll notice that the first COG on the left has a hole in it revealing a letter, and the other two have holes in that reveal numbers. What this means is each letter has a corresponding number. You need to spin the cogs until the letters spelling out the word MEAT are revealed, and jot down their numbers. They are:

  • M = 30
  • E = 15
  • A = 90
  • T = 45

This gives you the code 30, 15, 90, 45. now move the cursor to interact with the yellow handle on the box. This will take you to the side of the box with a dial containing those numbers. Move the yellow handle over the numbers in the code, in that order. Once you have done so the box will open and you can grab the Burger Ingredients. Now before you leave the Pantry, turn to your left, and on the shelf grab the piece of paper, which is the Slang Dictionary. Pin the Slang Dictionary straight away.

Now exit the Pantry and return to the cookbook. Make a note of the clues here:

Grill the patty. Not on the hoof, but not a hockey puck either.

Make ’em cry

Add red & yellow paint.

Take it through the garden, but 86 the rose.

Last but not least, add the secret ingredient.

Now with our handy pinned Slang Dictionary we can translate this recipe. All the phrases are in your pinned document, but in summary you will need to:

  • Grill the burger to Medium
  • Add Onions
  • Add ketchup and mustard
  • Add lettuce but not tomato
  • Add pickles

Now head over to the grill, which is just to left from where you made the Soup. Use you Burger Ingredients to set everything up. Then follow the instructions above to create Delicious Burgers. As before send them on the train.

A Poisoned Panic

Oh no, everyone’s been poisoned, and we need to find an antidote. As before, your first port of call should be the cookbook. On it’s final page it references a top secret dessert. You’ll see three circle designs next to a picture of a strawberry, an orange, and a piece of broccoli. The easiest thing to do here is to simply sketch the three circular designs, remembering which one goes with which fruit.

When you’ve done that, we need to make our way to the dessert trolley. This can be found by exiting the kitchen, and turning right and heading down the steps towards the fireplace. At the bottom of the steps look to your left to see a dessert trolley with three jellies in it.

Firstly for each jelly, replicate the circular patterns that you jotted down in the circle section beneath each jelly. The one on the far left is for strawberry, the middle is orange, and the one on the right is broccoli. Once you’ve done that, use the handles on each jelly to rotate them. After a few rotations, a number inside each jelly should appear. It will reveal the code:


With this code, exit the cafeteria completely by the newly opened door, and head left. Around the side of the building you will see some steps leading down and Eel is waiting for you. Input the code into the lock to open it and head inside.

Final Course: Dessert

There’s a lot to look at in the Chef’s office, but the main thing to do is to look at the wind-up cat on the wall to your left. Interacting with it will cause it to look in various directions, at different hats. The directions it looks in is always:

  1. Up
  2. Right
  3. Up-Right
  4. Left
  5. Up-Left

This gives you 5 different hats, in a certain order. Now look at the opposite wall, behind the desk, and you should see a calendar. You’ll notice that on this calendar each hat is worn on a different day. So now we want to translate our hats into days of the week. This gives us:

  1. Thursday
  2. Friday
  3. Monday
  4. Saturday
  5. Wednesday

Now head over to the fridge, which is to the right of the wall-cat. It will have a combination on it that is made up of days. Use the above code to unlock the fridge. Inside is the Instant Antidote (Just Add Dairy). As the name suggests we need to add dairy to this concoction to make it work.

Head back into the cafeteria, and back to the dessert station, where the jellies were. To the right of that is a drinks machine. There are various different options but considering we need to add dairy to the antidote, we need to pour some Milk into a cup (Interact with the Milk spout to do this.) Then use your Instant Antidote (Just Add Dairy) on the cup. Pick up the Antidote Float.

Then deliver this to the poisoned staff and you have finished this escape room.

Congratulations you have completed the Yes, Chef escape room in Escape Academy: Escape from the Past.