Escape Academy A Trying Trial Walkthrough

by on June 20, 2023

A Trying Trial is the final escape room in the Escape Academy DLC Escape from the Past by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy A Trying Trial Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: ??? Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 5/5


Accuse XXX

This escape room is a little different from the rest in that your choices affect the puzzles you have to solve. To start the escape room, you can walk up to all three suspects and interact with them. Doing so nets you a picture of each of them. Then you need to go to the blackboard and select a picture. Whoever you choose to accuse will create unique puzzles to solve in the next couple of steps.

Note: This solution assumes you accuse Chef Callion. If you accuse Guy or Monstrong, then you puzzles will be different, but the solution below is based on accusing Chef.

With that in mind choose your picture of Chef Callion and confirm it on the blackboard.

Now you’ll need to prove your accusation. Move over to the desk and interact with the bag there to discover various pieces of evidence which you can read. The first question you need to answer is “What does Chef Callion have against me?“. Your job is to present evidence at the blackboard each time that answers the question.

Reviewing your evidence, it is clear that the School Budget is the right evidence, as it shows a lack of funding for the cafeteria. During this, the Headmaster will hold up a bucket of chum which you need to inspect to progress the conversation.

In response, Chef Callion will make a defense, comprising of a few statements. Now we need to choose which of his statements is incorrect and provide another piece of evidence that backs up our claim.

The three statements are:

  • “Budget cuts or not, I would never serve anything so crass in my kitchen.”
  • “Every recipe I prepare is optimized for student health and nutrition.”
  • “That chum wasn’t food — it was headed for the compost heap.”

Now review your gathered evidence documents to try and deduce which statement is false. If you’re struggling, the answer is:

  • “That chum wasn’t food — it was headed for the compost heap.”

And you can prove it by presenting the Kitchen Rules evidence. This leads to more conversations and three further statements from Chef, one of which we must disprove:

  • “It’s true that meat isn’t allowed in the compost heap.”
  • “But there simply isn’t a contradiction… Fish isn’t considered meat.”
  • “That chum was never part of some ridiculous murder plot.”

Again review your gathered evidence documents to try and deduce which statement is false. If you’re struggling, the answer is:

  • “But there simply isn’t a contradiction… Fish isn’t considered meat.”

And you can prove it by presenting the Nutrition Rules evidence.


Discover an Unusual Recipe

Attention now turns to Chef’s briefcase. On the briefcase you have a series of numbers and a 5-letter code to work out. For this, you will need a combination of the three pink recipe cards in your inventory.

You’ll notice each clue has not only a number, but a method of underlining it. The first thing to point out is that the different underlining styles match different patterns on the outside of the recipe cards. Such that:

  • Dots = Cheesy Casserole
  • Dashes = Seaside Pasta
  • Double line = Root Beer Float

Now we know what each part of the code belongs to what recipe, we now need to look at the number. Where there is, say, a number 2 as a clue, we are looking for the ingredient that requires 2 of itself in that recipe. So for example the first clue of a 2 with a dotted line underneath would be Broccoli, because the Cheesy Casserole recipe requires 2 cups of Broccoli. Doing this for all clues yields

  1. Broccoli
  2. Rice
  3. Anchovies
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Noodles

You can see that the first letter of all these answers spells out the word BRAIN which is our code for the briefcase. It will open and you can grab the Shark Food Recipe. Use this piece of evidence on the blackboard to progress the dialogue.

After a short exchange, you are back in control and can inspect Chef, and what he holding aloft. You have four options to choose from. From the list select Student Safety: Who needs this!? Total waste of money to further the dialogue again.


Get Thrown Under The Bus

Seems we’re still no clearer on who it was that is trying to murder the Headmaster. Interact with their discussion to trigger the next scene. Amazingly they are accusing you of being the murderers. They ask you to step outside whilst they consider their action against you. Turn around, and head through the now open door.

After a brief exchange with Eel, you set off around campus to clear your name.


Drill Down to the Truth

First off, from the main map, heads to Chef Callion’s Office. From here, interact with the chest freezer to your left to open it and grab the Corn-Based Bio-Fuel.

Now exit the Office, and now head over to Prof. Monstrong’s Office. Here head over two the bench to the far left to find the strange machine. Use the Corn-Based Bio-Fuel and then you can power it up.

Inspect the gear stick mechanism, and note the pictures that change as you change gears. The pictures are:

  1. Tortoise
  2. Shark
  3. Lion
  4. Horse
  5. Cheetah

With those noted down, turn around to your right, and approach the large grey doors, with a lock on them. Glance to the right of the doors, and you will see various license plates on the wall. They read:


All of these license plates represent an animal from the gear stick mechanism. In order, they are:

  • Cheetah
  • Tortoise
  • Lion
  • Shark
  • Horse.

If we translate this to the gear numbers associated with each animal, we get the following code:


Use this combination on the lock to open it. Head inside this new room, to pick up the Industrial Drill from the car. You can now leave the Office.


Find the Geiger Counter

Now, head over to Prof. Gisborne’s Office. Head on over to the far right corner where there is a desk with a candelabra on it. Pick up the Mysterious Ring from the desk, and then from the wall above the desk, grab the City Skyline image, and then pin it.

Turn around and head to the large cabinet on the other side of the room that is covered in a blue cloth. Interact with it to remove it. Use the Mysterious Key on the lock, and then using the City Skyline as a reference point, plot out the same skyline pattern, so that each shape passes the eye icon in order. Do it correctly and the doors will open, allowing to pick up the Radiation Detector.


Find the Smoking Gun-Spatula

Leave the office, and head back to Chef Callion’s Office. You’ll notice radiation coming from the freezer so open it to investigate. Inspect what appears to be an empty freezer to reveal a false panel. Behind it is a safe. Use the Industrial Drill to bust it open and grab the Incriminating Evidence. It turns out it was Chef Callion all along.

Note: This is the case, no matter who you accuse at the start.

Now head back to the Headmaster’s Office and present them with your Incriminating Evidence.


Dismantle the Kitche-Tron 3000

After some dialogue, you can move again. Approach the desk and “Fix” the Kitche-Tron 3000. Doing so will remove the end, but this is what we want. Now inspect the device.

Firstly turn the dial three times on the top-right. This reveals a screwdriver end. Interact with the end to get the Screwdriver. Then interact with the gun handle to flip over the device. Use the Screwdriver on the back panel.

Inspect the small grey grid, and you will zoom in on it. The challenge here is to move every white dial to it’s corresponding black number square. But dials can’t pass through another, so you need to think about how to move each in turn. A simple solution is below:

  1. Move Dial 6 to spot 07
  2. Move Dial 1 to spot 05
  3. Move Dial 2 to spot 06
  4. Move Dial 3 to spot 04
  5. Move Dial 2 to spot 02
  6. Move Dial 7 to spot 01
  7. Move Dial 6 to spot 06
  8. Move Dial 7 to spot 07
  9. Move Dial 1 to spot 01
  10. Move Dial 5 to spot 05
  11. Move Dial 3 to below Dial 5
  12. Move Dial 4 to spot 04
  13. Move Dial 3 to spot 03

This will net you the Nuclear Codes which you can pin right away. The Nuclear Codes list the following:

  1. Wine
  2. Milkshake
  3. Cupcake
  4. Pancake
  5. Kitchen Cabinet

Each of these corresponds to a utensil on the end of the Kitche-tron 3000. Pick up the Kitche-tron 3000 and turn the dial to each utensil and work out which part of the nuclear code it matches up to. At the same time also make a note of the dots and dashes on the dial that corresponds to each one. When complete you should have a list like this

  1. Wine | Corkscrew | Dash Dash
  2. Milkshake | Straw | Dot Dot
  3. Cupcake | Whisk | Dash Dot Dot Dash
  4. Pancake | Spatula | Dot
  5. Kitchen Cabinet | Screwdriver | Dot Dash Dot

Putting this all together to form one long morse code, you have

Dash Dash Dot Dot Dash Dot Dot Dash Dot Dot Dash Dot

You will notice two large orange buttons next to where you received the nuclear codes. You need to enter the code in there. The circle button represents a Dot, and the rectangular button represents a Dash. Doing so correctly will open up the back of the device.


Disarm the Nuclear Core

Investigate the new compartment and you’ll see a lot of red wires and some shapes connected to them on the left.

Then the clue on the top right reads:

[  ] +[  ] = Keep

[  ] – [  ] = Cut

You need to bear this in mind when looking at the shapes on the left. If those shapes are made from cutting a circle, triangle or square out of one of those shapes, then you can cut that wire. If the shape is made from adding two of those shapes together then you don’t cut it.

As such you need to cut the following:

  • 1. Crescent Moon (Circle cut out of a circle)
  • 4. Three-quarter Circle (Triangle cut out of a Circle)
  • 5. Bridge (Circle cut out of a Square)

Cutting those wires will open the compartment revealing the Overheating Nuclear Reactor!

You need to cool the reactor down, so leave the desk, turn left and look for the ice bucket on the floor by the wall. Head over and use the Overheating Nuclear Reactor! on the ice bucket. This will cool it down, and you will have escaped disaster.

Congratulations you have completed the A Trying Tiral escape room in Escape Academy: Escape from the Past.