MultiVersus beginners tips: rack up those wins

by on July 28, 2022

MultiVersus is now available in open beta, so there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a download. Once you’ve jumped in though, you might need some help racking up the wins against those who have been playing for the last week. Don’t worry, GodisaGeek has your back with some handy tips for newcomers.

MultiVersus tips: Start with an easy character

MultiVersus beginners tips

There are some great characters to choose from in MultiVersus (especially if you’re willing to spend some currency) but don’t pick just anybody. Learning a character in MultiVersus is hard, and the more complex ones will really test your understanding of the game. If you like to get up close and personal then Taz is your best bet, whereas if you prefer staying out the way then Bugs Bunny has a nice amount of projectiles to launch around the arena. Shaggy and Superman have a nice mix of both and are easy to start with too, so see who feels right and get practicing.

Spend some time in the lab

The move list

The Lab is MultiVersus’ training arena, and is perfect for learning how a character works. Go there to try out all of their normal and special attacks, and then take a look at the move list for more information. Don’t assume you know what a move does just by testing it once or twice, because some break through armour, some deal status effects and some work differently on the ground or in the air. The move list will tell you all of that, and is a great place to learn more about your favourites.

Play Co-op vs AI mode

MultiVersus beginners tips

Once you’re feeling ready to lay the smack down, the first mode you should try is Co-op vs AI. In this mode you’ll match up with a random to take on some bots, and will gain some experience without getting battered by grizzled veterans. You even gain experience points in this mode, so don’t worry about wasting your time

MultiVersus tips: Stick with a couple of characters

At some point you’ll probably branch out a bit, but until you really feel comfortable with every move your pop culture avatar has to offer I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very easy to forget how a character plays when you spend time apart from them, and you’ll need to level them up for the best perks anyway. Which leads us nicely to…

Use perks that match your play style

MultiVersus beginners tips

Picking the right perks can change the course of a tough battle, so put some thought into which work for you. Selecting a perk that boosts the power of charge attacks on your favourite brawler will probably help, and speeding up a hit and run character will give them a huge advantage. If you’re playing with a partner you can choose to stack perks with them too, which might give you just the advantage you need to get that dub.

MultiVersus tips: Use your air dash to stay in the arena

This is one of the MultiVersus tips that’s so important. I see so many players getting launched to the edge of the screen and slowly sail out of bounds, and if you air dash back towards the centre of the stage quick enough you can easily avoid this. Some surprisingly hard hits can be survived if you just dodge immediately, and before you know it you’ll be staying alive with over 150 damage regularly.

MultiVersus beginners tips: rack up those wins

Chase down enemies you launch

Because it’s so easy to make your way back to safety after a big hit, you need to do everything you can to chase and poke enemies after you’ve landed a big move. There’s so much aerial mobility in MultiVersus, s you don’t have to worry too much about your own safety. Just keep chasing down and eliminating those fools.

Use your abilities to help your ally

With some characters this will be obvious, but every character has a way to help their allies if you look hard enough. Keep an eye out for this cooperative manoeuvre when you’re in the lab, and try to use it to assist your buddy if you can. Those few points of healing from Shaggy’s sandwich could be the difference between life and death.

Focus on your Seasonal Milestones

A picture of the Battle Pass screen

This one is only if you care about the Battle Pass, but it’s easy to focus so hard on your dailies that you don’t keep an eye on the Seasonal Milestones that will award you with big Battle Pass points. These can be found on the Battle Pass menu, and will take a significant amount of time to complete so should be focused on early.