EA SPORTS F1 22 cross-play full integration coming end of August

by on August 4, 2022

Today, Codemasters and EA have announced that cross-play will be coming to EA SPORTS F1 22 later this month. Before it gets full integration at the end of August, players will be able to take part in two separate trials across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC between August 5 and 7, and August 12 and 14, with Social Race and Two Player Career modes. EA SPORTS F1 22 cross-play will help to make the title the developers most social title to date.

“Cross-play brings all our players together and allows them to settle the score of who is the best driver across all platforms,” said Lee Mather, F1 Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. “Cross-play also allows us to create better matchmaking opportunities so players can compete against rival racers with similar attributes.”

EA SPORTS F1 22 cross-play: A great inclusion

EA SPORTS F1 22 cross-play will both improve matchmaking and let friends come together regardless of the platform they’re playing on. Players will be able to invite friends from other platforms via the ‘Invite Friends’ option in the game lobby, as well as reviewing and excepting requests while racing by pausing the game and visiting ‘Invites and Requests.’ However, players will be able to disable cross-play if they’d prefer to stick to the same platform.

We rather enjoyed EA SPORTS F1 22, and had the following to say:

F1 2022 does a fantastic job of keeping up to date with the sport, managing to tweak the rules and feel of the cars, and in turn giving returning players an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the all new season. The absence of a story mode like last year’s Braking Point is felt, and if you enjoyed what it offered, there’s nothing in the same vein. F1 Life is a decent inclusion, but if you’re not fussed about the social aspects or customisation options, it’ll likely be a throwaway mode. There’s plenty to love about F1 2022, though. It’s amazing just how good it looks and how well it plays. Fans of the sport will lap up (sorry) the tweaks to race weekends, and those coming in fresh are given all the support they need to enjoy everything the game has to offer.