Nobody Saves the World | How to access the Frozen Hearth DLC

by on September 14, 2022

With nine months since the original launch of Nobody Saves the World, Drinbox Studios have now released its first DLC, called Frozen Hearth. This DLC sees a whole new area to explore, and a new set of challenges to overcome in the brand-new Colosseum. Through playing Frozen Hearth, you’ll also be able to unlock two new forms, the Mechanic and the Killer Bee to add to your collection.

So it’s well worth exploring this new area to see what it has to offer. However, you may be wondering how you can access the Frozen Hearth DLC in Nobody Saves the World. Have no fear, we’ll explain everything you need to know so you can get on with enjoying this new content.

Nobody Saves the World Frozen Hearth | Do I need to finish the main game first?

You don’t actually need to finish the main game to access the DLC. Unlike most DLCs from other titles, this content is actually available relatively early on in the main game. You’ll need to beat the Castle Legendary Dungeon first, in order to open up the map enough to find the new area.

Nobody Saves the World Frozen Hearth

Where can I find the new area?

The new area can actually be accessed from two locations. Don’t worry they both end up leading to the same place, it just means, early on in the game, when you choose to go East or West, either is OK to access the new area.

What you are looking for is a Portal. You’ll know when it is available as it is just after where you meet Marty Joe the hammer. Then depending on which direction you chose after the Castle Legendary Dungeon

If you went West

The portal is to the West of the dragon (after going through the cave)

If you went East

The portal is to the East of the Castle just before the entrance to the Spooky area.

Now what?

Now, all that you need to do is enter the portal, and follow the main path through the cave. You’ll come to the Marrow Path. Follow this linear area, until you reach the Marrow Village where you will meet two flamboyant characters who will introduce you to the Tempering tournament, which forms the basis of the Frozen Hearth DLC in Nobody Saves the World.

Follow their dialogue and then follow them into the Colosseum to begin your adventure.