Nobody Saves the World | How to unlock the Mechanic in Frozen Hearth

by on September 14, 2022

There are two brand-new forms for you to unlock in the Frozen Hearth DLC of Nobody Saves the World and the first of these is the Mechanic.

Nobody Saves the World Frozen Hearth | Where is the Mechanic?

You will find the Mechanic in Nobody Saves the World in the Colosseum, which is the central focus of the new Frozen Hearth DLC. This form is a reward for success in the Tempering challenge that you are set by the representatives from Marrow Village.

How do I find the Colosseum?

The Colosseum can only be accessed if you have the Frozen Hearth DLC. To access it you will need to find a portal on the main map to take you to the new area.

For a more detailed explanation of how to unlock the DLC, follow our guide here.

When do I receive it as a reward?

The Mechanic is received as a reward for getting a certain way through the Tempering challenge in the Colosseum. You will need to first get through the first door that requires 7 medals to open.

These medals can be of any type (bronze, silver or gold) and can be from any of the four open challenge rooms available to you. Note, if you achieve a medal of a higher rank, you will also still retain those of the lower rank too, to add to your total. So if you get a gold medal, you will also have the silver and bronze medals, making a total of three medals for that challenge. Use this to your advantage to get the required amount.

Your flamboyant hosts will then reward you with the new form.

Nobody Saves the World Frozen Hearth | How to unlock the Mechanic

You will notice that your new form doesn’t unlock straight away. To unlock it you will need to actually redeem the Quest called “Colosseum I” to unlock the Mechanic. You will then see the familiar form cutscene and be able to play as the Mechanic.



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