Nobody Saves the World Killer Bee guide

by on September 14, 2022

The Killer Bee is the second of two forms you will unlock in the Frozen Hearth DLC of Nobody Saves the World. It’s a similar size to the Rat, but its flight capability gives it real traversal options. It favours quick attacks and utilising healing Honey drops to keep it alive whilst doing significant damage to enemies. Read on below to discover more about the Killer Bee form in Nobody Saves the World and tips to get the best out of it.

General Info

Form Name: Killer Bee
Damage Type: Sharp
How to Unlock: Frozen Hearth DLC (Click here for more info)

Signature Ability

  • Jab: Tap A: Stick’em with your pointy end! Hold A: Charge to increase damage and lunge further. Restores +7 Mana. Kills drop Honey that restores 2% Health. (Requires Rank F)


  • Nutri-Gains: Picking up any Health items builds +50 Attack UP. (Passive) (Requires Rank F)
  • Killer Sting: Tap or hold to sting baddies. Hurts to use but always Crits. Costs 8% health. Cooldown 2.5 sec. Kills have 50% chance to drop Honey that restores 2% Health. (Requires Rank D)
  • Hive Swarm: Drop a beehive, swarming with bees! Bees deal 6 base damage for 4 sec. Cooldown: 5 sec. Costs 60 Mana. Kills have 50% chance to drop Honey that restores 2% Health. (Requires Rank B)

Form Quests

  • Jab I: Kill baddies with Jab. Baddies killed by Jab always drop Honey. 0/20 (20FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Jab II: Hit 3 baddies with a fully-charged Jab. Hold A to increase lunge distance and damage! 0/15 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Jab I)
  • Jab III: Hit more baddies with Jab 0/100 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Jab II)
  • Nutri-Gains I: Buff our Attack with the Nutri-gains Passive. Nutri-gains builds Attack UP when you pick up Health items. (10FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank F)
  • Killer Sting I: Crit baddies with Killer Sting. Killer Sting always Crits, but costs Health to use. 0/30 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Killer Sting II: Kill baddies with Killer Sting. Killer Sting kills sometimes drop Honey (50%). 0/30 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Killer Sting I)
  • Killer Sting III: Kill baddies with Killer Sting while you have 3+ Attack UP Buffs 0/20 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Killer Sting II)
  • Hive Swarm I: Hit baddies with the falling hive from Hive Swarm. 0/30 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank B)
  • Hive Swarm II: Kill baddies with bees from Hive Swarm. Hive Swarm kills sometimes drop Honey %50%). 0/50 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Hive Swarm I)
  • Hive Swarm III: Hit a baddy 7 times with one Hive Swarm. 0/25 (15FP, 50XP) (Requires Hive Swarm II)
  • Custom I: Purple Jacket: Hit baddies with Blunt or Dark Attacks 0/50 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Custom I: Honey Ultra: Recover Mana with Rat’s Scavenge Passive 0/400 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Custom II: Killer Queen: Hit baddies with Familiars 0/150 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shards)
  • Custom II: Hurts So Good: Heal yourself with the Crit Cleric Passive. (Crit Cleric can be purchased from the Shopkeeper.) 0/50 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shards)
  • Custom III: Mad Honey: Kill enemies with any Mermaid or Turtle abilities while buffed with 5 Attack UP Buffs 0/30 (50FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Killer Queen)
  • Custom III: No Bee Like Me: Status baddies with Hive Swarm. 0/50 (50FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Hurts So Good)


The Killer Bee is a fast and furious form. It jabs enemies with its stinger for quick, effective damage. All attacks have a chance to drop healing Honey, so make sure to pick this up whenever you can. Nutri-Gains is an excellent Passive skill allowing you to be stronger the more food you eat, reiterating the importance of that Honey! Killer Sting is great for Crit damage, at the expense of some health, and Hive Swarm is a great way for dealing with crowds of enemies effectively. The Killer Bee is true to its name, a truly deadly form in the right hands.