Podcast 499: Immortality, The DioField Chronicle, Shovel Knight Dig

by on September 26, 2022

This is why we shouldn’t be allowed to take a week off doing the podcast. A bumper crop of hosts (four) meets a ridiculous slate of games to discuss (eight!), combined with listener correspondence. This is gonna be a bumper episode. BUMPER!

Chris White is on hand to talk about his recent foray into The DioField Chronicle, which Adam loves just as much as he does. Likewise, Shovel Knight Dig is fresh in the minds of both Adam and Lyle. Immortality has been on the shelf for too long, so a big old discussion about that sits in the mid-point of the games we’ve been playing, but Potion Permit also gets a look in as well.

On top of that, Adam has gone preview mad, having played The Entropy Centre, Street Fighter 6, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose. What more could you want?


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