Steelrising | How to fast travel

by on September 7, 2022

Steelrising is a big game encompassing multiple vast areas, which all wrap around and in one themselves thanks to shortcuts and secret routes, and as such being able to fast travel is a must. However, Steelrising isn’t an open-world game, and you’ll need to utilise a certain item, or items, to get around quickly.

Steelrising | How do I fast travel between districts?

Early on, Aegis will activate an automated, horseless carriage. This device is her means of travel between districts and cities in the Steelrising world. It will always be visible using the compass, either as a gold flag (denoting that you need to travel somewhere to continue the critical path) or as a carriage symbol.

Steelrising | How to fast-travel

Can I fast travel within a district?

Not directly. Aegis has access to two items that can return her either to the last Vestal she activated, or to the carriage. The first is the Disassembly Token which removes all collected Anima but transports Aegis to the last safe zone she used. It’s only really worth using if you are totally lost.

The second item is the Carriage Token which returns Aegis to the most recently used horseless carriage. This is a very rare item as it does not remove all of Aegis’ Anima upon use. Still, it should only really be used in extreme situations.

There you go. Now you can get around the environs of Paris much quicker thanks to our guide on how to fast travel in Steelrising.