Steelrising | How to get the Grapple

by on September 7, 2022

While all Soulslikes have an element of back-tracking and key-finding, Steelrising is more a Metroidvania than most, and finding the Grapple will help you out a lot. From the opening area you’ll start seeing grapple points, breakable walls, and gaps you’ve no way to get across… yet. As you progress in Steelrising, you’ll unlock new tools to help you get around all those obstacles. The first is the Bishop’s Hook Grapple.

Steelrising | Where do you find the Bishop’s Hook Grapple?

After progressing through the first few areas of the game, you’ll eventually face off against your first Titan, the Bishop of la Citie. This is a more powerful foe than you have faced up to now, and you’ll need to use everything you’ve learned so far to survive. Once you defeat the Bishop, you’ll receive the upgrade

Steelrising | How to get the Bishop's Hook grapple

Where can I use the Grapple?

The hook can attach to specific points using L1 and Square (on PS5). You’ll spot them up high by a distinct orange glow. The range is impressive, and the hook can get Aegis out of sticky situations when outnumbered or low on health. You can also use the hook in combat to deal quick Fulmination (lightning) damage at the cost of an Alchemical Capsule.

Can I upgrade the Grapple?

No. Once you have it installed it’s always there and always acts in the same way. You can neither upgrade it nor remove it.

Steelrising | How to get the Bishop's Hook grapple

Steelrising | Any tips for the Titan fight?

Keep moving. The Bishop has a few powerful close-range attacks but not many that will harm you if you keep your distance. The pistol will apply frost build-up in around 8 shots (depending on stats and level), allowing you to get in and deal free damage.

Frost Bombs are very useful for applying build-up quickly, so make sure you stock up on alchemical ammunition and thrown weapons before the fight. The Bishop will occasionally strike at you with his Bible, which will hook you and pull you close for quite heavy damage. It’s a straight-line attack and quite easy to avoid.

When his gyroball becomes bladed, he will charge you relentlessly. Dodge behind him to escape this attack, and deal ranged damage. Once he’s down the hook is yours.

We hope you found this guide to getting the Bishop’s Hook Grapple in Steelrising useful.